Thursday, December 22, 2011

Holiday Dressing When You're Not Out

man-in-romper-layers-merged If you are not completely out of the closet, dressing for the holidays can be a drag.

Sure you can dress to the nines in your new cocktail dress to attend parties hosted by your fellow transpeople, but attending holiday gatherings hosted by civilians, that is, non-trans family and friends, usually means dressing in boring boy mode.

But dressing like a boy does not have to be humdrum if you are willing to push the envelope. You can feminize your boy look just enough to please your inner girl, while maintaining enough boyishness so that civilians won't question your gender.

Dressing like the fellow pictured to the right would allow you to do just that.

His hairdo is decidedly male, but was highlighted by his hairdresser to femme up his crowning glory. He wears minimum makeup --- just foundation, tinted lip gloss, mascara, eyeliner and eyeshadow, which allows him to look pretty, but still maintain a boyish appearance.

His black crepe romper with the silk satin bow tie hints at his feminine side, but still maintains a semblance of masculinity --- after all, he is wearing pants, not a dress. Jumpers and rompers often have no pockets, so he has a perfect excuse for carrying a man-clutch (he has to store his money, keys, hankies and makeup somewhere).

Mantyhose were optional, but depilation was not; no boy would be caught dead with hairy legs in an outfit like this, so a close shave of his manly gams was in order. To complete the look, flats would be a bust --- a pair of sexy man-heels were a must.

Finally, our fashionable fellow added the colorful necklace to make a feminine statement in case anyone missed the other feminine clues.

This ensemble might be too edgy for some of us. Uncle Billy and Ma Bailey might faint dead away at the sight of a male relative showing up for Christmas Eve dinner in this outfit, but on the other hand, it may be acceptable in more diverse family settings. Your mileage will vary.

If this outfit is too over the top for you, you can push the envelope without breaking it like I did today.

It is the last day of work here before the long weekend shutdown. Many of my co-workers are already taking time off. I estimate that we are about half staffed today, so it is a good day to push the envelope a bit; with fewer co-workers in the building, there are fewer chances for confrontations (not that I expect any, but you never know).

With that in mind, I feminized my look when I dressed for work today.

My underwear consists of black panties, waist cincher, black camisole, and black tights.

Over that, I am wearing my long red tunic sweater that falls to the top of my thighs, black slacks with a side zipper and no pockets, and black patent flats with a silver buckle.

I even wore a little makeup: a light coating of mascara along with my standard pink tinted lip balm.

I considered wearing a bra instead of the camisole, but I thought that C-cups would be too noticeable under the sweater. I also considered wearing a purse, but I had to carry my computer bag, so I was able to store everything I needed in the bag.

I made the rounds through the building twice already and no one has mentioned my outfit, but I feel so womanly that I am glowing.


  1. Hi Stana,

    Wow - do I remember those days before I transitioned where I was leaking gender all over the place. I'm happy you're able to dress a today. I hope you're able go full-time soon since I know exactly how difficult it is to be constrained from looking beautiful just because society says you can't.

    BTW - Love your blog!!! Leah M

  2. I am now convinced that those wonderful high cheeks that beautify your appearance in all of your photos are a combination of expert makeup application and an extreme talent for writing with tongue firmly placed in cheek.

    I also liked your reference to "Its a Wonderful Life". Ma Bailey and Uncle Billy were great since Jim Henson already adopted Bert and Ernie. How much poorer would this world be if the dual gendered among us had never lived. At times I wonder if I could grow up to be both Jimmy Stewart and Donna Reed.

    As someone who under dresses daily I find wearing hose or panties affirming of my other self. I love to use occasions to wear a bit more or to amble a bit closer to the edge. About 2 months ago I took my wife to dinner and she could see that under my slacks I had pantyhose without socks. After we sat down it also dawned on her that I had a bra and slip on under my shirt with breast forms in place. When she looked more closely across the table she also noted the mascara on my lashes and some rouge on my cheeks. Of course I would have preferred full femme attire but it was wonderful to be out as I was and I fully understand the glowing feeling you mention.


  3. Sounds like you were able to recreate Halloween at work, without the pumpkins! I hope that the entire day was a pleasant experience for you!

    Happy Holidays!

  4. I do so enjoy your blog, and what fun it must have been to dress as you did. Especially like the idea of the black patent flats. What did you do with your hair? Earrings would have been over the top. Do you have pierced ears, or do I remember reading you use clip-ons. Whatever, youalsways look attractive and chic inyour pictures, and I imagine this day was no different.

  5. I know we have said before that most people see what they expect to see, with you I begin to wonder what they should expect! Like you yesterday I was wearing all fem clothes, yet my presentation was (mostly) male, it is uite liberating.

  6. Get a longer sweater and some black leggings. Accessorize with a wide elastic belt to accentuate the waist; add a pair of ballet flats and you'll have a nice warm winter outfit for those days when you want to femme it up...

    You go girl!

  7. Hi everybody!

    very nice! perfect looks, I think everyone has rights to look how she/he would like, but it for one condition it should not be ugly