Monday, December 5, 2011

My Favorite Things


(This is first of a series of posts that describe my favorite things. It will appear here whenever I am so moved.)

I appreciate information that is well-researched.

I also appreciate finding new information in my fields of interest.

If that new information has been well-researched, then I am in nirvana!

I assume that is due to my love of history, especially accurate history, as well as my history major.

So it is always a pleasure when Zagria posts something new at A Gender Variance Who's Who.

Zagria started her blog about a month after I started Femulate. And she posts something new about twice a week every week during the ensuing 247 weeks --- usually about a trans person, who I never knew existed.

Her trans biographies are well-researched. It amazes me where she finds this information.

If you have not already visited Zagria's website, I urge you to do so at least once. You will probably get hooked like I did and visit her site regularly thereafter.


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  2. Thank you for the plug. I try to feature a mixture of well-known and obscure persons.

    Your readers may find the Index (select on 3rd line form the top) a useful way to navigate the 740 items on my site

  3. I'm following Zagria's blogspot now thanks to you, Stana!