Tuesday, December 20, 2011


spiegel-jacquard-sheath-dress-2 The chances are zero to none that Stana will receive a Christmas present, so Stana has to buy her own Christmas present.

I love clothing made with jacquard fabric and I have been keeping an eye on a black "Tailored Jacquard Sheath Dress with Patent Bow Belt" that Spiegel has been showing this fall. It is pricey ($159), so I did not purchase it, but I kept my fingers crossed that it would go on sale or end up in clearance sooner or later.

I am on Spiegel's daily mailing list and yesterday's missive from Spiegel announced a one-day dress sale, 75% off list price!

Oh My God!

I navigated to the Spiegel website as fast as my mouse could mouse over there to see if "my" jacquard dress was available.

It was available and I ordered it for $39.75.

So, "Merry Christmas" to me!


  1. WOW Stana,

    That is a BEAUTIFUL dress!

    so envious of you!


  2. Yay! Merry Christmas indeed, Stana! xx

  3. I cann't wait to see you model this dress. Such a bargain! What a great find (at this price)
    See even Santa, know what Stana wants!! I must say you look abolutely fabulous in all your photos!!

  4. Wow, what a steal! Merry Christmas to Stana, eh?