Friday, April 22, 2011

Yesterday, All My Dresses Seemed So Far Away

I had a big day out en femme yesterday!

My plans were to do some shopping, dine and attend the monthly cocktail party at Real Art Ways.

Since the venue for my plans were all in the Hartford area, I decided to stay in an inexpensive motel in the area rather than drive back and forth to my home. The money I saved on gas almost paid for the room.

It was windy and unseasonably cool yesterday. I wore my Victoria's Secret lightweight sweater dress, black tights, black heels, and black sweater coat.

I was out the door about 10 AM.

My shopping goal was to buy new dresses for my trip to Dayton and other womanly outings during the upcoming months. I am a little embarrassed to admit that I bought eight new dresses!
Seven Dresses of April (click on the image to enlarge it)

My first stop was Kohl's. I was interested in some of the cute dresses they have been showing in their recent ads. I found some of the advertised dresses, but none in my size. However, I did find some in my size that had potential.

After three trips to the changing room, I bought a long-sleeved A-line dress with a black and white print (first dress on the left in the photo). I love black and white prints, but I am having buyer's remorse over this dress.

I left Kohl's and drove to the mall, where I intended to peruse the dress racks at JCPenney. I parked my car at the mall and walked into JCPenney. As I headed to the dress racks, a 30-something male store employee checked me out and as I walked away from him, he began singing "I'm in love."

That was nice!

I found a half dozen dresses of interest and hauled them all to the changing room. They were all the same size, but only two fit: a Vee-neck empire "little black dress" (second dress in the photo) and a sleeveless A-line black and white print. I bought both, exited the mall, and drove across the street to Dress Barn.

When shopping at Kohl's or JCPenney, you are on your own, but at Dress Barn, the staff is more attentive (my guess is that they work on commission). They help you find what you need, set up your own personal changing room, fetch another size if the item you are trying on is the wrong size, etc., etc.

I found four dresses of interest, carried them to my personal changing room and was very disappointed --- they were all too small.

This has been my experience at Dress Barn lately. Whereas, their size Misses 16 usually fit me in the past, now their Misses 16 no longer fit. I have not gained any weight, so the store must have adjusted their sizing.

As I headed to the Woman Size side of the store, I asked the saleswoman about it and she acknowledged that my suspicions were correct.

She then helped me find some dresses on the Woman Size side, I found a few myself, and hauled eight dresses to my changing room. They all fit and I liked five enough to purchase (the five dresses on the right in the photo).

• Belted white sateen shirt dress (third dress in the photo)

• Navy menswear ruffle color dress (fourth dress)

• Black jacquard sheath dress (fifth dress)

• Black and white speckled print A-line dress (sixth dress)

• Two tone (navy blue and white) graphic print shift with a boat neck and spliced short sleeves (seventh dress )

After over four hours of shopping, I was tired, so I returned to the motel to rest awhile before going out for dinner. I brought my purchases to my room to try them on again and decide what to wear for dinner and cocktail partying.

In my room, I realized I was very thirsty, so I left my room to go find the vending machines. When I got to the vending room, I discovered that I needed my electronic room key to access the vending room and then it hit me that I had left the key in my room.

I asked a cleaning woman if she could let me into my room, but she said I had to go to the front desk to get a new key.

Nuts! I was in boy mode when I checked in and now I was in girl mode, so the situation was not giving me the warm fuzzies. I hoped that someone new was working the front desk, but lo and behold, the same woman who had checked me in was working the desk.

I explained my situation to her and I could tell that she did not recognize me. She asked for my room number and last name and  looked quizzical when I responded. I told her I looked different now and she literally lit up when she finally recognized me. As she handed me my new key, she said, "You look very pretty!"

I thanked her profusely, bought an iced tea in the vending area, and returned to my room to model my dresses and pick one to wear for the evening.


  1. It sounds like you had a great time and got some awesome new dresses. The story about being locked out of your room is a classic!

  2. Stana you rock. Great choices! -Andee

  3. Another terrific day out Stana. And such a privilege to be pretty, yes?

    Thanks for sharing,


  4. IMHO, Keep 2, 4, 5, 7. I don't think 1 suits you too well, so you might want to return it. 3 & 6 are OK.

    Sounds like you had a good time overall.

  5. What a day, and not all of it over yet! I must be awesome to have such positive interaction with people as these two. Nice selection of dresses, will you realy have a chance to wear them all out though? for me 2 and 7 are the pick of the bunch, they realy do suit you.


  6. Dear Stana,

    You go, girl! I also had 2 experiences with having to go to a hotel front desk in girl mode after checking in as a guy. In both cases, the electronic "credit card" like room key failed. Once because the hotel erroneously thought I had checked out, and once because the battery in the room's key card lock device had failed. One case happened at the hotel where my T-Girl social and support group meets. That was fun, because the clerk who checked me in as a male (but knows of our club's purpose) had never seen me as a girl. He was so sweet, and I felt so feminine, since I was wearing an ultra-feminine, swishy satin chiffon LBD (Little Black Dress). The other case happened at a hotel not affiliated with my TG group. The same man that checked me in as "Ron", handled my room key card problem for me as "Sheila". I'm sure he "knew", but treated me pleasantly and professionally. Both of these experiences have made me more confident in appearing in public (even when others do "read" me).



  7. Wow, great day. I wish I had your confidence to pull that off. I have tryed on dresses and skirts in public, but only got comments 2 times, both at Target. My favorite was when another shopper noticed me going thru the clearance items, she said "I don't think that will fit you" and once a cashier complemented me on my selections. It's always been one of my biggest fears and fantasies to be caught as Jillian.