Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Wednesday Wonderings

newmalefashion_max_heels I read today where a Florida male high school student got in trouble for wearing high heels.

According to the report, Tampa Riverview High School principal Bob Heilman feared that the boy was being bullied and convinced the student to remove the heels for his own safety.

"The high heels didn’t violate any particular dress code, the principal conceded.

"While some of the high school students agreed with the principal, others felt that the student should just be allowed to wear what he likes."

Another boy wore a dress on Monday, according to Heilman.

"After we chatted, he decided not to do that. I was concerned about his safety."

(Photo source: The New Male Fashion For The Alternative Man)


To work Tuesday, I wore a flowing long-sleeved vee-neck burgundy tunic with a hem just covering my derriere over tight black jeans and black flats. No one commented on my outfit.

Also, I have been wearing a red-tinted lip balm since my recent bout with a cold. I started wearing the lip balm because my lips were getting chapped.

I so liked the look and feel of something lipstick-like on my lips (a little daily feminine touch) that I have continued wearing lip balm after recovering from my cold. 


I continue to use the ANEW Lash-Transforming Serum from Avon. I only apply it once a day --- in the morning before I moisturize --- rather than twice per day as I did when I started using it last May. My eyelashes continue to grow and fill out.

My eyelashes are a light shade, so I have to look closely to notice the change in boy mode. But apply some mascara and Wow! --- the change is spectacular!


Lately, my wife has been referring to me as “she.”

I am not sure why.

She seldom sees me dressed en femme. In deference to her, I do not dress en femme around the house; I only dress en femme at home to go out.

Am I so womanly now that I don’t need female clothing to throw off a female vibe?


  1. I think the Tampa Riverview High School principal Bob Heilman did the right thing. The students were not punished, only convinced that they might not want to wear attire to get them bullied.


  2. Stana, As a long time follower of your blog. I think you have answered your own question.
    Your wife is just calling it at she sees it.
    "She" is the right pronoun!

  3. Re: your second and fourth observations - does that particular work outfit count as you not dressing en femme? Because it sure seems to be a femme outfit, but I think you said you aren't technically "out" at work, right?

    For a while I pushed that boundary pretty hard myself, not even consciously realizing how feminine my "male" dress was getting until my wife pointed it out, worried about my job stability.

  4. "Lately, my wife has been referring to me as “she.”

    I am not sure why.

    Am I so womanly now that I don’t need female clothing to throw off a female vibe?"

    Well others have seen it in you. So you're probably confusing your wife too. You could ask her or just bask in the affirmation. Your call.

  5. How is your wife saying this. Like it's a normal thing for to say about her lesbian partner? Or is it derisive?

  6. The HS principal was right, so long as he didn't tell the student he could never wear heels again. That wouldn't be right at all..