Friday, April 29, 2011

Nailing A Bargain

nailing_a_bargain Today, I shopped during my lunch hour. Pantyhose, stick-on finger nails, and cushion inserts for my high heels were on my shopping list.

At Wal*Mart, I scored three pairs of L'eggs nude pantyhose in my size and a package of Dr. Scholl's “For Her Ball of Foot Cushions,” but no stick-on nails.

At Rite-Aid, I lucked out because they have my favorite brand of stick-on nails (Kiss) and they were on sale --- buy one set and get the second at half price. I bought four sets, which means I got one set for free.

If you use Kiss stick-on nails like I do, this is a good deal. But I believe the sale ends when they shut the stores on Saturday, so get down to your local Rite Aid ASAP.

By the way, I am trying shoe cushion inserts for the first time since my friend Patty recommended them. After I test them on Saturday, I will let you know how my feet feel after wearing heels all day long. My high heel foot pain, if any, is usually at the ball of my feet, never the heels and never the toes, so I hope Dr. Scholl's will make a difference.


  1. Thanks Stana. My fave stick-on nails. Have to get there before the sale ends. Love your are very pretty. Gwenn

  2. I found the inserts early on and absolutely love them! Hope they work for you too.


  3. Rebecca --- The jury is still out! I have to wear them again with different shoes before I render an opinion.