Thursday, April 14, 2011

Booth Babe Wear

I am looking for one or two new outfits to wear when I am working the booth at the Dayton, Ohio, Hamvention next month.

I touched upon this last week, but was unable to resolve anything because I caught something and felt too ill to go out to shop en femme.

I am not sure if I had a cold, an allergy attack, or a combination of the two. Whatever it was, it is still with me; it's not as bad as last week, but still annoying and very tiring.

So I want to look professional for my presentation at the booth.

I don't look good in suits. In my opinion, I think I look frumpy when I wear suits.

On the other hand, I think dresses look good on me. So my search begins in the dress racks, sizes 14 and 16.

Wish me luck!


  1. Maybe a matching dress and jacket type of suit, in a pastel shade?

  2. Actually a jacket dress might be just the ticket. I've often felt I looked my best in coordinated separates.

    Good Luck

  3. What you wear shouldn't matter a whole lot... as long as you have a bunch of HT's for different bands clipped to your belt, you'll fit right in. LOL

    I've never been to Dayton, but I've been to lots of hamfests. I hope you find lots of good junk for the shack while you're there! 73!

  4. Now, now, Angel. Some of us are contesters! ;)

  5. The pleasurable angst of the female in selecting her outfit. That is one of the burdens and pleasures of being who we are. I wish you success, pleasure, anxiety and confusion...all at the same time.

    One of the more interesting aspects of being bi-gendered...ambi-gendered...TG...CD...woman in a man's body...etc. is that we seem to have the ability to experience all of these urges, conflicts and good feelings all at the same time.

    Mostly I wish that you enjoy the task of finding the right clothes and then getting out wearing them.


    PS: I hope that you feel better. I have been fighting a head and chest cold for over a month and being under the weather like that really does throw a wet blanket on getting dressed. We all want to look good when we dress but it is hard when the sinuses swell, the nose runs, the chest wheezes and we are coughing and sneezing to beat the band.

  6. Go to your fave dressbarn. They have a ton of great dresses out now. Many with shrugs or bolero jackets that are very understated and perfect

  7. I really hate the humdrum coat and tie look imposed on men for business attire. What a rut men have gotten themselves in!

    Now I could go for a nice skirt suit with a blouse, hose, and heels instead. Or how about a dress?

    JohannaH (John)

  8. Jenna R. EvansApril 15, 2011

    Whatever you choose, you'll look fine. You looked good last year, no reason to think this year will be any different.