Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Pink Toenails


(updated below)

Currently, there is a brouhaha concerning a J. Crew advertisement that depicts a Mom painting her son's toenails pink (because it is his favorite color).

One hockey puck claims that the advertisement is "blatant propaganda celebrating transgendered children."

The puck continues, "Propaganda pushing the celebration of gender-confused boys wanting to dress and act like girls is a growing trend, seeping into mainstream culture."

Another hockey puck warns, "Put some money aside for psychotherapy for the kid—and maybe a little for others who’ll be affected by your 'innocent' pleasure."

I cheer the celebration of transgender children!

If there was a celebration of T-kids when I was young, maybe my generation of trangender brothers and sisters would not be so fouled up as some of us are (present company included). And maybe my T-generation would not have to fear for our lives whenever we attempt to live the genders we were born to be, not the genders we were forced to be.

I jeer the proposition that painting a boy's toenails pink will cause that boy to become transgender.

If a boy wants to wear pink nail polish because it is his favorite color, then that's one thing. End of story.

If a boy is a "boy," painting his nails, putting a ribbon in his hair, or putting him in a dress will not convince him to be a girl. He will just be one unhappy boy.

On the other hand, if a boy wants to wear pink nail polish because he feels it is a girlish thing to do, then there is a chance that he really is a girl. Painting his nails, putting a ribbon in his hair, or putting him in a dress will help make "her" complete. Denying "her" will result in one frustrated unhappy child.

UPDATE: My friend Patty e-mailed me about this matter; I asked her if I could post her e-mail and here it is.


Do we have nothing better to set our tails on fire with than an innocent advertisement for clothing!

Dr. Albow needs to spend some of the $$$ he's stolen -- oops I mean $$$ he's earned practicing as a licensed clinician, spewing his Dr. Phil unvalidated psycho-babble on well needed psychotherapy for HIMSELF -- can you say latent homo/transphobic???

I, as a women, as a consumer and as someone not only in the helping profession, but also as someone specializing in gender and sexual expressions, identity and orientation am outraged that we continue to allow these "professionals" to speak out to the public, let alone practice individual therapy!  Now that's propaganda. 


  1. Yes, one of those hockey pucks is Dr. Keith Ablow. Read up on him and you'll realize he's missing a few mental parts. My first thoughts and about the ad were "How sweet and innocent" and certainly nothing to be "Afraid of". These are strange times and fear mongering times. If you want to get a laugh try to get a copy of Dr. Keith Ablow and Gleen Beck's new book which many thought was about two men raising child from the looks of the cover.

    Hope you are feeling better and there is a terrible cold circulating tight now that tends to come back if you don't get enough rest.

    All the best!

  2. Stana,

    I agree with you 100% but please do not denigrate hockey pucks - they're sacred up here in the Great White North, eh?

  3. Many of us are really girls wrapped up in the wrong packaging -others are genuine males who want to experiment with girl things.
    There is absolutely no harm in this and so I fail to understand ignorant bigots who are terrified of those of us who won't conform to normality (whatever that is!). I feel pity for them, I really do, that their views and vision are so limited.

  4. I have a two year old son who is way more of a boy than I ever remember being. His first words were ball and car and when we gave him a doll he threw it across the room. That being said, he likes to put things in his hair, snuggle with soft fabrics, and attempt to walk around in his mom's shoes. Kid's don't care about gender rules and I would love to keep it that way as long as possible. How is painting toes any different than face painting or stickers? Pretty toes are much better than dirty ones in my opinion.
    On a toe nail tangent. I just painted my toenails for the first time the other day and it is a pleasant surprise every time I take off my socks. My feet just look prettier.

  5. Precisely - very well said! As long as he's not hurting anybody, let him do what makes him happy. He has an entire lifetime of being told who he should be and how he should behave. I think it's wonderful his mother is so indulgent of what is really a harmless exercise.

    I think what a lot of people are missing is the story surrounding the toenails. It's about quality time, the kind of precious family moments that the best memories are made of. Kudos to mom, and congrats to Beckett on a lovely colour choice. :)

  6. To a LARGE extent, gender norms were reinforced. She only painted his toenails and left his FINGERNAILS bare. Probably because he'd get teased about having "girly" things.

    Can we please let kids be kids; for once?

  7. It's sickening people like Keith Ablow are allowed to practice psychology. What's the big deal with painting toenails anyway? I know a few adults, even sports stars, who do it.

    These bigots need to get over themselves. Maybe that will happen in about twenty years when they finally realize women don't have to be barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen anymore.

  8. Stana, I too had e-mailed you re: the J.C. Crew's add. I'm sure many of us would have loved to be in that boy's "nails" when we were that age. But finally, now not only do I regularly paint my toenails with my wife's full visual knowledge and consent, I occasionally paint hers and have also painted my elderly mother's as well. Oh yes, I was wearing lipstick and hairdo when I did mothers. She, my wife. and my sister are well familiar with my feminine nature. Love, Jaye Anne

  9. strange how a homosexual who has a book out about raising a boy child with two fathers and no mother. states that this boy will need a headshrinker in life as he would be confused about life and his masculinity.
    as a 51 year old cross dresser i have no problems with being a man, just i like the finer things in life, putting nail polish on a little boys toes will not make him any less than what he wants or was ment to be in life. could a "gay" man, or a lesbian just up and say they are not what they are?
    as a "CD" nothing done in my early years determined how i was to dress, it is how i am wired from the start.
    let the boy be he is having fun with his mom.


  10. When I saw that ad I thought is was cute and harmless then the fools started their BS about it. So I went to their website and tried to buy the pink nail polish and they were sold out.