Tuesday, April 5, 2011


While searching the Internet for new photos of Matthias Schweighöfers in the film Rubbeldiekatz, I discovered (1) the photo accompanying today's blog post and (2) a description of the film's plot that differs slightly from the plot I read about back in January.

Previously dubbed a German version of the film Tootsie, I found this plot description on KillerMovies:

"Based on a screenplay by Anika Decker (Rabbit Without Ears), the comedy, previously known as Woman in Love, but now carrying the working title of Rubbeldiekatz, follows an unsuccessful actor whose life takes a dramatic turn when he is mistakenly cast as a woman in a big Hollywood pic."

That differs from the plot of Tootsie in which an unemployed actor dresses as a woman in order to find work and lands the part in a daytime television soap opera.

I know the plots are similar, but for an anal retentive purest like me, I think they differ enough to mention.


  1. Thanks for the heads up about Rubbeldiekatz. It sounds like it will be a fun movie. IMDB says this about the film "An actor's career takes a "Tootsie"-like turn when he's mistakenly cast as a woman in a movie." Of course, if / when Rubbeldiekatz plays in the US, it will inevitably described as a "German Tootsie"

    Off topic, I love the Suzi Chin dress you displayed today. Gorgeous.

  2. I saw Tootsie years ago. It is an interesting story where an actor learns a lot about himself when he takes the part of a woman in a television soap opera. He becomes a more complete man by bringing out his feminine side. This movie sounds very good as well. Thanks for sharing.