Friday, April 15, 2011

Miss S

2011-04-15 Affirmation is a wonderful thing!

Earlier today, I e-mailed a friend of mine. In the e-mail, I called her "Miss K."

In her responding e-mail, she called me "Miss S."

It was just a little gesture, but it made my day!

I've known this friend, a genetic female, for nearly ten years. For most of that time, she knew me only in male mode.

I came out to her about a year ago and she has been very supportive.

We have plans to go out to dinner soon (both of us en femme). Dinner is on me.


  1. Maybe you could go shopping together for your outfit for Dayton?

  2. Anonymous --- I will ask her.

    Linda Marie Daniels --- "Girls" like me need friends like her. I so do appreciate her friendship.

  3. I wish i could find a friend like that.