Monday, April 18, 2011

In the Meantime

I am ready. I want to transition and start living 24/7 as a woman tomorrow morning. But circumstances prevent this from happening... at least for now.

In the meantime, I will relish every opportunity that comes my way to be en femme.

But what do I do during the time I cannot be en femme? The answer: Be a feminine guy.

I am already feminine in many ways. I often say that I am the most feminine guy most people I know know. But I wondered how I could step it up, that is, be more feminine.

So I searched for an answer and Miss Google revealed a webpage that describes "How to Be a Feminine Guy."

I already follow most of its recommendations to one degree or another. And here are some things that I do that are not on the list:

- Speak softly and carry a big purse

- Wear jewelry: necklaces, bracelets, earrings, etc.

- Paint nails with a clear lacquer

- Wear feminine underwear, that is, panties and camis, or if need be, shapewear (girdles, bras, etc.)

- Use feminized mannerisms, specifically, carriage, posture, and hand and arm placement

- Wear female footwear; flats will do, but something with a little heel is even better

- Curl eyelashes and thin eyebrows

- Wear feminine hosiery; knee-highs, tights, and pantyhose (depending on how much leg will show)

So in the meantime, girls, be the most feminine male you can be!


  1. I admire your courage. If this is the way you feel tonight, I'd suggest give a little thought. No, screw it. You know what you want. You're a big girl, been through it all...I say go for it. But, just please, look before you leap. I support you.

  2. Hi,
    Your blog is really interesting and I have been reading for couple of years I guess now.
    What was interesting was that you lived a life of a guy and the other time you did femulation with no intention of transitioning etc.

    However lately you sound more like someone who wants to transition and not just induldge in femulation.
    I wonder what your wife and kid think of you feminising in normal time?
    I felt I connected with your story cause you enjoyed femulation and had realised that your issues with gender are not enough to transition.

    Did you see a councellor or like Calie mentions in her blog you are headed for the pink fog. Think before you lose whats precious to you in life.
    After all femulation occasionally is fun but living as women and losing everything else is not, especially in your case where you issue is under control and you would not die or go into depression if you did not transition.

  3. That's too bad. Your wife deserves better from you. After all, dressing up is something you do for fun.

    Back on April 6 when you were sick you decided not to femulate because "I decided that I would not have much fun out en femme the way I was feeling".

    If this is a hobby, something you do for fun, and it makes your wife "frown" as you admitted in the comments, you are being selfish.

  4. Following the shaving regimins suggested in the attached article would surely be good for the companys that make and sell shaving cream and razors. That much shaving, for some femulators, would require a least a can a shaving cream every week and perhaps a new razor every other day.

    I find that underdressing, as you suggest in your supplemental list, on a daily basis with hosiery and panties and occasionally, bras, camis and shapewear, helps to stabalize me and blend my male and female components.

  5. I can't see why you'd limit yourself to clear nail polish. If you want to be a feminine guy, go with colour on your nails. This photo is my day-to-day male nails. :)

  6. Wow.

    It sounds like you'll be doing a bit of boat-rocking.

    I think if I was in your pumps, I'd figure the "feminine guy" would be more confusing to the world at large (they can understand "woman") and probably cause as much tension at home ~ and I'd go 24x7.

    I cannot wait to see what happens next! Best of luck to you. I think I'll be hearing about your new birthday ~ born again as Stana.

  7. OMG!! Stana.... you have decided to do it! best wishes on this journey, and in the doing...