Thursday, March 18, 2010

women prefer feminine looking men

Women now prefer feminine looking men over their more rugged counterparts because they no longer need to worry about the survival of the fittest, new research suggests.

Read all about it here.


  1. The studies conclusions, to me, stand up to reason Staci-Lana, and are consistent with the parallels you drew last week in your series on the continuing softening of masculine profiles in fashion, grooming, and appearance in general.

    Society adapts much more rapidly than biology of course, but the natural selection process will work hard to catch up and produce more male role models that occupy a beautiful middle ground, and are sought after by the most attractive and choice-rich women in the mating "market".

    The only exception that I could take with the summary notes on the larger research effort was the authors contentions about Clarke Gable. Yes, the man did have swagger, but you cannot say he was not pretty.

    Loving the sundress and hat in todays' "Femulate Her" section too.

    You are the best.

    Thanks - Petra

  2. I don't think the fact that British women prefer feminine men over masculine men is (1) new, and (2) means much, in fact (3) the real meaning could be counter intuitive.
    (1) I'm old enough to remember a rash of articles, in the early eighties, either bemoaning or touting, depending on the writer's point of view, the factoid that educated New York women preferred Woody Allen to John Wayne among other such examples.
    (2) I believe the overwhelming % of women surveyed are making a class distinction, and the fact the preferred group is classified as feminine says little about the character and virtues of those so identified. Many of these so-called feminine men are, in fact, just well scrubbed alpha males. (3) The real key is when, as a group, super achieving women
    start choosing a mate based on criteria other than earning power. Some example might be nurturing, empathy, sweetness of disposition, creativity, and physical beauty. When enough women choose in this manner it will be a sign of a major paradigm shift.
    When this happens, and it could very well be currently happening, it will signal that women have come into their own, and are willing and able to exercise power on their terms. And no longer need or want an alpha male at their side, except as an aide, certainly not as a mate. On a more basic level the more alpha women the fewer alpha men. After this shift "women will wear the pants" in deed as well as fact.
    I think the benefits that will accrue to society in general and specifically men would be hard to exaggerate. I know it would be a great gift to the Transgendered community, and when it happens at least some of the credit should go to this oft maligned group.


  3. The article you linked uses Johnny Depp as its main example. His admiration and positive (not his bad habits!) imitation of Keith Richards is well-known. And some of you no doubt have heard of a band called The Beatles....

  4. I am really impressed by these views ma'am. The world is changing. WOmen are preferring feminine boys. In this way, masculine features would get eliminated eventually. We must bring up boys in a very different way than usual. We must feminize them from childhood.

    Totally agree#