Friday, March 26, 2010

my tall tale

crystal_renn I have three new additions to my Famous Females of Height List:

Crystal Renn – 5'9" plus-size model (photo right)

Brooklyn Decker – 5'10" model, Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue cover girl

Anna Gunn – 5'10" actress, TV’s Breaking Bad

my rationale

Unless you have read the blurb that precedes my Famous Females of Height List, you probably do not know the reason I compile the list, so here is my rationale:

I am over six feet tall, so when I femulate, I am a tall woman.

About the time I started femulating, I became interested in tall women because they affirmed my existence as a tall woman, that is, I was not the only tall woman out and about in society. Few were as tall as me, but maybe there were enough out there so that I could blend in more easily as just another tall woman.

After I started writing this blog, I began compiling my list because I did not want any tall femulators to fear going out en femme because of their height. The list is proof  that there are tall females out there, so don’t be afraid because you are not alone.


  1. I want to thank you for continually reminding me that there are indeed tall women out there. As another in the 6 ft. plus catagory, I find height my greatest single roadblock to going out more and being comfortable when I'm out. No matter how well I've chosen my clothes, applied my makeup, and developed my feminine manners, my height waves a flag that there's something unusual here. So like you, I find myself noting every tall woman I see as confirmation that I can exist.


  2. Wendy --- I so regret how many years I wasted not going out en femme because I thought my height was a dead giveaway! I don't want it to happen to anyone else.

  3. I'm over 6'5" so yeah, height is a huge issue. As a result I don't go out dressed. But knowing there are tall women out there and tall girls like me helps when I dress, even if at home (with my loving wife) in the comfy confines of our house.