Thursday, March 11, 2010

not so casual Friday

tcolors2007 Tomorrow is casual day at work for many people, but for me it will be a day en femme as I visit my alma mater to present a workshop at the True Colors Conference for sexual minority youth, their families, and facilitators.

"Femulate: The Art of Becoming Womanly" is the title of my workshop. The Conference catalog describes it as follows:

This workshop will assist male-to-female crossdressers in the art of becoming womanly and ultimately, to femulate successfully. (Successful femulation is the ability to emulate a female so well that the femulator is accepted, that is, she “passes” in society as a female.)

This will be my third time I have presented a workshop at this conference. In the past, my presentation has attracted a diverse audience and they usually go away pleased (according to the reviews they write at the end of the workshop).

In addition to the workshop, I will be working at my support group's booth during the rest of the day at the conference (that's me in the photo above working the booth in 2007). After the conference, my traveling companion, Diana, and I will dine at a restaurant.


  1. Good luck, and enjoy it all to the max Staci - Lana. Looking forward to hearing how everything went for you.

    Best - Petra

  2. Staci,
    Best wishes at the True Colors conference...
    I only wish I could attend
    en femme... some day!

  3. How is it I never knew about this before? It sounds wonderful! I wish I could go, I want to take your course and see you in action! But alas, I'm flying to CA for the week! Nuts!


  4. Awesome! Good luck!

  5. I'd love to take your class. You are a knock-out.

  6. Good luck today! Even if you are a Huskies fan. (Go Pitt! ;-) )

  7. Missed the Conference due to a stomach virus, but thank you all for the good luck wishes.

    Trish --- I am a UCONN graduate, but a not much of a sports fan.