Monday, March 22, 2010

Saturday at the Spa


My journey on Saturday began mid-morning with a 90-mile trip across the state to The Facial Clinic and Med Spa in Dayville. I met the proprietor Jila Clark face-to-face for the first time, but it was more like a meeting of old girlfriends because we have been exchanging e-mails for weeks.

By the way, although I showed up in boy mode, Jila treated me as a lady throughout the afternoon, which just added to the wonderful experience.

Jila is a licensed clinical aesthetician and a state certified acne specialist, so I knew I was in good hands. Basically, she performed two procedures on me over the next three hours:

DermaSound --- an ultrasonic facial

Myotonology --- the only US-patented, FDA-approved procedure for facial toning

I have never had anything like this before. I have had a few makeovers in the past, but all the makeup artist did was clean my face with some kind of skin chemicals. Dermasound and Myotonology was something way beyond those simple cleansing procedures. Instead, I was going to get a deep cleansing facial and a noninvasive facelift.

Note that I have a high tolerance for pain. For example, I usually skip the novocaine for a simple tooth filling. During the processes that Jila performed, I felt no discomfort, but your mileage may vary. Rather than discomfort, the processes were soothing at times, while at other times, it felt like my skin was being awakened from the doldrums.

I am not going to detail the procedures because you can read the them on Jila's Web site. However, when she was done, the results amazed me.

Even before I looked in a mirror, I could feel a difference. My face felt tighter or toned; something I have never felt before.

When I looked in the mirror, the difference amazed me. I looked younger and more feminine. My lips, especially my upper lip, was fuller. My cheekbones were more prominent. My eyes --- I still can't get over my eyes --- looked young again. The fine lines and wrinkles were gone and my eyes looked bigger and perky, rather than droopy. And this was all before Jila applied makeup! 

By the way, as I write this two days later, I can still feel and see the difference.

After the DermaSound and Myotonology, Jila did my makeup. I was in for a surprise because I did not know she planned to airbrush all the parts of my upper body that my dress for the evening would reveal. She also used makeup to accentuate my collarbone --- something I would have never thought to do!

Jila was meticulous with my makeup application carefully picking out just the right colors and applying them like an artist. (This old dog learned a few new tricks in the process.) When she was done about an hour later, it was ready to dress up.

I brought five of my favorite wigs so that Jila could pick out the best for me to wear. But, as it turned out, she liked the very first one that I put on. She styled it a bit, then she advised me as to what jewelry to wear, and then we were done. Before I left to attend the Connecticut Outreach Society's banquet, Jila shot some photos for posterity.

Jila was profuse with the compliments and I have to agree that I don't think I have ever looked better. As Jila accompanied me to my car, I met her husband; Jila told me later that he thought I looked "beautiful." I don't know if I looked beautiful, but I did feel fantastic!


  1. Setting the bar high again. Your happy experience puts my in mind of really going for a full clinical approach to prepping for a nice day out.

    I have taken better care of my cars than my skin over the years, sad to say. And clearly the benefits of this sort of treatment go beyond simply looking a bit fresher for the day.

    A new to-do in my file box Staci-Lana. Thanks for sharing. And you do look beautiful.

    Cheers - Petra

  2. Ms. Petra, I will gladly pamper you as well! Every girl has the right and the obligation to herself to look as beautiful as she feels...I'm here for you when you are ready...
    Jila Clark
    The Facial Clinic and Med Spa

  3. Staci a beautiful lady became a princess in Dayville. I think you would make a beautiful bride for your Prince Charming.
    The Facial Clinic and Med Spa seem to be very professional. Great job

  4. Any chance for some before/after or "in the process" shots getting posted?

  5. Is this pic before or after makeup?

  6. Staci - I think the word "beautiful" would be the correct choice. You looked great!


  7. Dani --- No "before" photos were taken.

    Lauralee --- All photos are "after" the makeup application.

  8. Petra and Tanya --- Thank you for the kind words!