Thursday, March 25, 2010

womanless pageants galore!

pageant100324 It seems that 'tis the season for our brothers to become sisters and strut their feminized selves across the stages of the South. During the past few weeks, Aunty Marlena, Janet Lincoln, and Lady Googoo have sent me numerous e-mails alerting me to new womanless beauty pageants popping up across the Internet.

The contrast between the proliferation of womanless pageants in the South and the dearth of pageants everywhere else amazes me! What’s up with that?

Anyway, I separated the wheat from the chaff and here are the best.

Two sets of photos (this year's and last's) and a video from Glenvar High School in Salem, VA: 2010 photos, 2009 photos and 2010 videos.

Photos from last year's pageant at Inman Middle School in Paris, TN.

Photos from the 2010 Mr. BCHS pageant at Berrien County High School in Nashville, GA.

Two sets of photos (2010 and 2009) from a pageant at the Meadowview Christian School in Selma, AL.


  1. OMG! This guy has a future in drag shows!

  2. Nothing like that would have been allowed when I went to high school. I guess it's a different world today!

  3. Staci, thanks. These "womanless" posts are very enjoyable. Some of the boys take it more seriously than others. They all look as if they had a blast en femme for the first but maybe not last time LOL. Hope this becomes a regular feature of your great site