Tuesday, August 12, 2008

a world where men can wear skirts

Catherine Price writes here that "Maybe a time will come when one of my oldest fashion grievances -- that it's OK for women to wear pants, but demeaning for a man to wear 'female' clothing -- will be laid to rest."


  1. It is a growing trend... check out this blog for construction workers!




  2. Linda S --- When construction workers wear skirts, then it has become a world where every man can wear skirts.

    1. Construction workers ARE wearing skirts: http://www.utilikilts.com/ (a kilt IS a skirt by definition... any dictionary). They sell several million dollars worrh each year to real American men.
      Also see these guys in skirts and note they still look like men just as women in pants still look like women: http://www.picturetrail.com/sfx/album/view/22064674Obviously NOT cross dressing trying to look like women! Men have worn skirts far longer than women throughout time and a skirt is obviously better suited for the male anatomy than a female!

  3. Well, It's not the man inside us that wants to wear a skirtg, it's the girl deep in our souls that wants to wear a skirt with all other feminine attire.

  4. I just say why why why do I love wearing a skirt. there is no logic to it.

  5. Anonymous --- God only knows and she's not talking.

  6. AnonymousJune 14, 2009

    Most of you females do not think logically anymore with regard to your ventures for liberation and in doing so have won the right to vote and to have the same earnings as a man . and must i point out THE WEARING OF MASCULINE CLOTHING that has just recently been changed just to fit your figure.

    put that a side think of the world as revengefull and undoubiant against each other and there you have it that the world only revolves around women these days as the man use to be the main bread winner and supporter.

    but anatomical facts state that men have crown jewels that need to attain its own body heat, but women when it is summer and you wear that 2" mini skirt think of the declining sperm count that men have to endure because you said that they have to wear trousers that would hit the genitals and perhaps give a hernia

  7. I'm a man wearing a skirt almost every day in public, The positive comments out number the negative. I get comments from both men and women. I am told it is manly to wear a skirt. Bear in mind though that I wear a beard, so I am not emulating a women in a strict sense, Sorry. But I support the male who wants to emulate women to the max, I will pull for you sister and I will fight for you, So follow your heart.

    1. Hi Barry,
      Couldn't agree more. But where and what do you get away with wearing in public ?
      I too have had a beard for 30 + years and have no interest in trying to look female.
      I just want to look Male Sexy like the women get to dress !

  8. i wear skirts all the time infact i am wearing one right now as i type this
    if women ccan wear jeans why can't men wear skirts

  9. AnonymousMay 19, 2010

    I have no interest in looking like a woman, I just want to wear whats comfortable and a skirt is it for me.
    If at some point if it becomes acceptable for men to be men in skirts then Ill wear on in public but until that time...

    1. That will never happen until you start wearing your skirt in public. In that case you have to tighten you screws to not get distracted by foolish people.

  10. I own 2 skirts, 1 short and 1 long, which I wear all the time when I am away. I haven't gotten the courage to wear either when I am at home; hopefully that will come in due course. The short skirt is way more comfortable than shorts in the summer and the long one is plenty warm in winter. They do attract a lot of attention, especially the short one (which I just learned how to shorten recently), as it is quite frilly. I have had my picture taken several times.

  11. AnonymousJuly 11, 2010

    I often swim in private pools with friends, and took a loose swimsuit, cut out the webbing, and across the crotch, and voila, a great feeling suit for swimming, or lounging around the house... my wife says it is a skirt, she thinks it is great...I dont wear it in public, but it is sooo comfy around the house, or with friends. I have no desire to wear womens clothes, or even wear this in public. But it IS comfy.

  12. Im male wear mini skirt and usual with black opaque tights that quite comfortable and so lighty also Im too slim which cannot wear men clothes cos of size that still too big for me but need to change for men to wear skirts. I have lots of mini skirts (denim, velvet and cord), plneyt of tights, jumper mini dress also knitted stripe jumper dress - feel so good also look really nice when look at the mirror. Men should wear skirts more often and go out in public - Ive done many time and no problems at all so try and dont be afriad :)

  13. I wear panties 24X7 because of the comfort. I also wear short skirts, especially at home as they are much more comfortable than heavy jeans.

  14. Now its the time for reality, lets us all men be confident & show the women that men can look good in Skirts just as well as they can. I believe todays fashion for skirts is just exciting for women to wear & us men would love the life long experience to try something new. Go out and buy & start wearing what comfortable. We should have to worry what people should think about design, fabric or what length the skirt it is. Just be self confident & enjoy.

  15. I love to wear Kilts and skirts too, I dont care what anyone says. Actually I've only gotten good comments. Plenty of double takes too.

  16. men that wear skirts should put picture, of them wearing skirts on FaceBook so more people could see them, I have some on there now.

  17. AnonymousMay 09, 2011

    i love a skirt on a friday and im a man PS with heels and a collared shirt

  18. AnonymousMay 14, 2011

    I wear skirts quite often, and I also have one dress :)

    I'm lucky to be attending a rather liberal university where such taboos are not taken very seriously, and even better the place I've been working at is really laid back - I have had no problems wearing such clothing to class, to work, and even out to bars!

    I'm sort of split about the "feminine" part of it however. I mean, I do like to embrace my feminine side as it were - I suppose trying to look good is part of that. But, I don't exactly wish I was a woman. I just wish that people could appreciate the male body in a similar way as the female body - and they do! As many have already said, a surprising amount of people react positively.

    I felt liberated recently because my girlfriend convinced me not to wear leggings to hide my hairy legs.

    One thing that amuses me is how skirts don't even necessarily reveal anything more than shorts do. Of course, guys get ridiculed for wearing short shorts too. In any case I just think it's senseless to have rules about what you can wear that are not based on function. Even then, I can't come up with a reason why a man shouldn't wear a bra and pretend he has boobs :D but that is definitely "dressing as a woman" whereas I don't think wearing a skirt should be considered that

  19. Hello
    Im a guy in my 40's.Im straight and love women and im not married and have 2 children.For me,even as a child,i liked girl clothes.I do not wish to be a woman.But i do like some of womens clothes.As most people do,i like coming home from work,shower,and grab something comfortable and relaxed in.But instead of grabing sweats and hoodie coats,i grab my pleated skirt,kilt like looking black and red plaid.Its really cute.And very comfortable to wear.I do not feel odd or weird wearing it.Its a feeling of freedom or maybe liberated feel.What ever the case,to bad guys get looked at funny and called names that we all know.Just so unfair.I dont mind seeing a guy in a kilt or skirt,i think,"RIGHT ON DUDE" !

  20. AnonymousMay 20, 2011

    Like a lot of the other guys here, I've simply discovered that wearing a skirt is very comfortable. I like utilikilts, but they are expensive, so as an alternative I have purchased used women's cargo skirts for very little money and they are not too frilly looking or anything like that. I have also found that a skirt is more comfortable than a pair of baggy shorts. I just wish that I had the courage/freedom to wear it wherever I go.

  21. AnonymousMay 24, 2011

    Hey, just your average 70 year old and I do love to wear my kilts and yes even on occasion one of my two skirts. Yes there is a double take sometimes but thats it.

  22. AnonymousMay 30, 2011

    I can't tread it anymore...... skirt= feminine, pants = masculine. I can count only what is comfy for people and that is what their body will tell. If somebody says I feel feminine in a skirt, very well, it is okay, the same for pants and masculine. But it doesn't say that you have to be these SEX, because clothing is genderless and without any sexual orientation. That's just in your mind. See the history. Until several hundered years ago men only wore skirted garments, in western societies very short, women wore long dresses. Both sexes followed their special needs for best health, womens genital area should be kept warm and airy, men's reproduction organs should kept cool (4-5 degrees cooler than body temp.) and airy, too.
    Tell me how any kind of pants can follow the true naturally and healthy way for both sexes? None, we wearing what we think what we should wear because of fashion.
    Just follow your own personal feelings and common sense, than you'll find the right clothes for your own personality and comfortable feeling.

  23. AnonymousJune 19, 2011

    My male friend wears them all the time.

  24. AnonymousJuly 29, 2011

    I like to wear tartan kilts and pleated tartan skirts . I like my skirts to fall to the middle knee. I feel very masculine in my kilts and skirts. There must be no sexualizing of clothes in this regard.

    I find these garments very comforting. I wear kilts in public and have no trouble whatever.

    I intend to continue to wear my kilts and will work to wearing my tartan pleated skirts as well.

    I feel very much at home in a skirt and love the feeling of freedom a skirt gives. I always wear soft underware under my skirts and kilts.

  25. I'm addicted to skirts and velvet, extending now to tights and heels. With five lovely home-made pencil skirts, three velvet pencil knee-length dresses and two full lenght velvet skirts, my passion for skirts and velvet is delightfully rewarded. I wear a skirt whenever possible - nearly every day - not only because I love the wonderful sensation and the look but because I'm happy, comfortable and completely relaxed so dressed.

  26. I love to wear kilts and tartan pleated skirts. Actually the tartan pleated skirt is my favourite garment.

    I have worn the kilt in public. I find it difficult to wearing the k ilt sometimes in the town I live in. But that is because the barrier is in my own mind. What people say or comment does affect me because of my background. I am working on that issue at present. I have found that women around the locality I live in are inclined to sneer and ridicule me to other people without saying anything to myself. However when I look at their own lives and what is going on in them it annoys me really. I think it would be a very interesting sociological study to examine why they feel so uncomfortable with me wearing a kilt. It is none of their business really.. I have walked through the nearest big town where I live. Nobody noticed what I was wearing. In fact I only got praise . I think the best thing to do is put on the kilt ,and get on with it. .To conclued the most pleasent experience for me is wearing my kilts and skirts. I always wear underwere under my kilts and skirts. The underwere is always either cotton or nylon and is a manties or mans slip briefs. I would not go out in public withour my underwere on. I feel confident and safe. To me the kilt /skirt are serious garments. This is not new. An aunt of mine (long since deceased) told me over forty years ago that she had a man in her office who always wore a skirt to work . It was not an issue even then.

  27. Hi people.
    I am genderqueer (biological male) and I don't believe in gender.
    I would love to walk around in whatever I feel like wearing, but I can't wear skirts/dresses in Public due to where I live in (Poland, amazingly annoying country full of hate and intolerance) so the second I get my M.A I'm going to move out to a different country.
    I have a question then, can anyone suggest me a city where I could wear a dress (or whatever the hell I want), where other people do that too?
    I would love to get some answers
    either here or at
    lytche at gmail dot com.
    Take care folks.

  28. I am a straight guy,with 2 kids and so on...Not that has anything to do with this topic.I wear a skirt everyday,to work and when im not at work.I am just the same person as if i was wearing jeans.I wear a pair of jeans maybe once a month at most.You should try it some time guys,,then you would know why guys like skirts.And just a FYI,women adopted the skirt from the mans wardrobe,AND it wasnt until the 1930’s or so til women wore pants. When women first started wearing pants,and they had the risk of being arrest.Do a google search on the history of the skirt.Dont be affraid.And most women like to see a guy in a skirt.As of last night i was standing in line at the cash register,and there was a woman behind me and she said,” i really like your skirt” i then said to her,” thanks”.I told her “im tired of only just wearing pants.”she then said “i dont blame you,skirts are much better”….A skirt originally was just a male’s garment,women wore long dresses. It is not about the feminizing of men, It is about masculinizing of skirt (back to the original form). I think a man in a skirt looks manly, even when wearing pantyhose or leggins.When a women says she wants to wear a pair of "pants", society celebrates her right for equality, but when a man say he wants to wear a skirt, his gender identity is brought into question,and he needs to go to a doctor ! ! So stupid. No one says a woman is crossdressing in pants, no one says that she is a lesbian, because she is wearing jeans.So why do we think of these things of men. Prior to WWII women could be arrested and jailed for appearing in public in pants in most U.S. States.I thought we had a equal rights movement years ago ? Rights for who ? Were males included in this ? If so,by using this logic,that “women are equal to men”.,then “men are equal to women”.Females wear alot of guy stuff already.So then men should be able to wear clothes that females wear..and not be called names or pointed at and etc RIGHT ? But why is that ?? When we see a girl wearing guy clothes,we say things like this >, “cute” or shes a “tomboy” ,but none of those type of phrases are for men ? I think that it should be a fairplay for both sides…So guys,wear what YOU want and like,,,,so dont worry able what people say or think.Your dressing for YOU and not THEM

  29. Beachin1958 , you are right. On the other hand, most of all cloths in trend for women are out of males closets originally, including skirts in mini length up to knee length. That's the truth and we all mix it up saying skirts are a female garment. Women adopted them from men and created their own style which is a female skirt now. But the origin is still male.

  30. Its funny,when i am at work (wearing my skirt of course)and the girls that i work with or deal with will ask me "When you going to get another skirt" ? I told her that " i have my work skirts and then my everyday skirts or my good ones when i go out",then we both laugh ! LOL.. But every once in awhile i will wear one of my good skirts for the day.Its not really that big of an issue of wearing a skirt.I feel very natural and at total comfort of "being seen".Its like "And im not the only one at my work that does wear one..

  31. I'm a 25 year old man, straight, and i love women ONLY. But i love wearing my girlfriends skirts. She even helped me buy skirts for me. I have over 12 skirts in my dresser. She nor my family dont object. and my girlfriend think its hot. I'm glad i do what i do, without regret. :D

  32. To the 25 yr old guy,

    Im a guy that wears a skirt everyday of the week.To work or if im going to a store of any kind (in public)When it is cold out i will wear my leggins as i am now. And the most responce i get is from girls.I have alot of tattoos on my legs.People will comment on my tat’s and not say a thing about my skirt.They usually say that they "like the skirt" I wear pleated plaid skirts and solid pleated colour skirts.The skirts i wear are about 3 inches above my knee,but each person will vary from body structure.I do have people say “nice kilt” i then tell them,“its not a kilt,its a skirt”, then we both chuckle about it,then its done.I go to the Goodwill alot and other type of stores like it, and when i need to get into the fitting room,they clearly see me holding a skirt and say “hey,thats
    a nice skirt,hope it fits you”……,
    its not that big of deal for me to wear a skirt.For me,I feel more natural or comfortable to out in public in a skirt than pants.I do not wear pants anymore,skirts are for more comfortable to wear.And just a FYI,women adopted the skirt from the mens wardrobe,AND it wasnt until the 1930’s or so til women wore pants when women first started wearing pants,and they had the risk of being arrest.But im sure everybody knew that already. Do a google search on the history of the skirt,If you weren't sure. And most women like to see a guy in a skirt.As of last night i was
    standing in line at the cash register,there was a woman behind me(about 50ish not that it really matters)and she said to me,”i
    really like your skirt” i then said ”thanks”.I told her “im
    tired of only wearing pants", she then said to me “ i dont blame you,skirts are much better” she
    also said "you look nice in that skirt",i said thx again.I was wearing a red/white plaid pleated skirt.Its about 2 1/2 to 3 inches from my knee.Black leggin's and a red/white hoody..ive got many others.Also,I went looking for a skirt and,i found this green pleated skirt.Its kinda like a military green colour..So what i did is find some good original patches of various military uniform patches. I Sewed them onto the skirt,so now it looks totally cool now.I wore it to my work and everybody liked it.Even the guys…It changed the whole feel/look about the skirt.Mostly i make a double hanging chrome or gold waist chain that clips onto the skirt.You can get these light weight chains at any fabric store.Just another way of being creative…just a thought to all..I went looking for skirts the other day and i found this green pleated skirt.Its a military green…
    kind of boring colour really.So what i did is find some good original patches of various military uniform patches. I Sewed them onto the skirt,so now it looks totally cool now.I wore it to my work and everybody liked it.Even the guys…It changed the whole feel/look about the skirt.Mostly i make a double hanging chrome or gold waist chain that clips onto the skirt.You can get these light weight chains at any fabric store.Just another way of being creative…just a thought to all..


  33. AnonymousMay 20, 2012

    I'm a straight, single, 40 something man who just loves to wear a skirt - it's become a part of my personal identity. Whilst I have the absolute right to go about my lawful business and express my identity in any way I feel fit. As such I'm pleased to admit that I have worn skirts in public. There are occasions when because of wearing a skirt, I have received unwanted attention and a negative response. Whilst generally I do not like the comments and double takes, I can handle them and thankfully most people just do not care one way or the other. What is a major problem for me is when people question my sexuality, make threats or damage my property - this happened a few years ago when (presumably young local idiots) would - usually on Friday and Saturday nights - regularly smear food all over the car and interfere with the screen wipers. Eventually the wipers got ripped off altogether which added expense to annoyance. As a result of this behaviour I've returned to the closet - which is full of skirts. I'd guess that I have far more skirts than the average woman, well over 50 of various lengths from 16" to 36" and in various fabrics of which my favorite type is the stiff cotton pencil skirt. Whilst I'm in the closet, I do wear skirts on a daily basis. Mainly from when I get home for the evening and most of the weekend - so the idiots have not stopped me wearing skirts just where I wear them. If society became more adjusted to men wearing skirts and this became a norm I feel that far more men would adopt which in turn would mean that skirts would increasingly be seen as male clothing and even more men would wear skirts - I look forward to that day, and hope that it come soon. Perhaps this would then persuade the local idiots to wear one which I would find amusing in a told you so kind of way.

    I do feel that it's quite bizarre in these days when women hardly ever wear skirts that if a man wears a skirt he is thought to be queer, his sexuality is questioned and he is branded as a cross dresser or transvestite - is there something wrong with being a transvestite or cross dresser? If a man wants to dress like a woman, surely he would wear the clothes that women wear i.e. leggings or women's cut jeans - perhaps with diamante decoration. As others have mentioned on here, we are the same person regardless of what we wear. I also feel that difference is what make society stronger.

    I note however that many on here almost try to justify skirt wearing by harking back to the history of skirts i.e. historically skirts were mens garments which became seen as women's wear. This only happened because most men stopped wearing skirts. The same would happen to trousers / pants if men stopped wearing these - perhaps re adopting skirts - and women continued wearing them. The point I'm making here is things are what they are, not what they were. We live in the present and the genderisation of clothing is prescribed to what is the norm in this day, the day we live in, not what it was in the past for we live in the present day. To argue that skirts are masculine clothing is therefor just utter rubbish as that is not what our society prescribes though this can change and does not need to be the case.

    I also note that there are some contributors on here that say that they are not trying to emulate women but then go on about but have a good laugh with colleagues about wearing a skirt etc. I'm not having a go here but doesn't that just reinforce the stereotype?

    Wear your skirts for the comfort and convenience that they provide and wherever and whenever you can. Be confident wearing your skirt but also, lets be safe. There are small minded idiots out there. As the rock group Genesis once sang 'you kill what you fear and you fear what you don't understand'. Of course this doesn't apply to everybody. Prejudice manifests in a range of ways but as I said there are idiots out there.

  34. Hello all,
    To the 40 yr old guy,well im in my 40 something area also,lolol,i totally agree with what you said,i have said many of the same things to people i have same in contact with...95% of the females that talk to about this,of many age's love what i wear.Just recently,i was coming out of my grocery store,(i was wearing a black pleated skirt,about 3 inches above the knee a black/red tank top and a hoody)there were 3 females going into the store,at the same time,one yelled back to me after we already past each other,"Hey,i really like your outfit" i then said to her,
    "Thanks" then she said "you are welcome,you look so cool" that sure put a smile on my face.So can you guess the age of this female that said this ? Well,she was in the age range of 13-17....yep, 13-17 SURPRISED ? Well she could of easly said a derogatory comment,but she didnt.So this goes to show ya,and prove what i believe,its not that big of thing to me and others.But i know,not ALL females like a guy in a skirt,and i understand that.For me to wear a skirt is like putting on socks,i dont give it much thought.It feels totally natural to me to be in a skirt.

    First.... Men first wore skirts
    Second... Pants were designed for men.
    Third.... Women then started wearing pants
    Fourth....Women began abandoning skirts and
    dresses for pants and ankle socks.
    Fifth.....Skirts, dresses could easily become obsolete if not soon accepted as a unisex clothing garment.With fewer women wearing skirts men will have to start wearing them or they will be discontinued.

    Clothes are a personal expression in clothing style and personality. Wear what you feel comfortable with and let's stop gender discrimination. I enjoy wearing skirts.Most people are fine with that.Usually the few who have a problem with men wearing skirts (a kilt is same diff)are loud bullyish men who lack confindence in their own sexuality and cover up their insecurity by attacking others.

    So anyways,i will continue to wear the skirts i have for what ever occasion.You only once,so live it for you.Does society dress to please you ?

    RWTSG (Rock With The Skirt Guys)


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  36. To the person that in this blog that said "I look forward for the day I can step anywhere to do errands (or to work) and it is natural to wear a skirt".......I DO THAT EVERY DAY,rain or cold or whatever weather,i will always wear my skirts,and yes i do wear them to work..


  37. Clothing does not define a person's gender. Gender depends on who we are between our ears, determined prenatally right from the day we were conceived in our mother's womb. Either biological sexes should be free to dress the way they desire. Men who wear dresses or skirts or makeup or cross-dresses as a hobby or even for personal fetishistic-reasons (aka Transvestites) are still essentially men regardless of clothing. There is nothing wrong with that, it is their freedom of expression and they are not hurting anyone. And as for us transsexual individuals, the wearing of feminine clothing serves nothing more than our attempt to fit in as the gender that we identify as within the gender-binary system of our society.

  38. Clothing does not define a person's gender. Gender depends on who we are between our ears, determined prenatally right from the day we were conceived in our mother's womb. Either biological sexes should be free to dress the way they desire. Men who wear dresses or skirts or makeup or cross-dresses as a hobby or even for personal fetishistic-reasons (aka Transvestites) are still essentially men regardless of clothing. There is nothing wrong with that, it is their freedom of expression and they are not hurting anyone. And as for transsexual individuals, the wearing of feminine clothing serves nothing more than their attempt to fit in as the gender that they identify as within the gender-binary system of our society (due to the sex of their brain being misaligned with the sex of their genitalia).

  39. just get over it people,it isnt that big of deal,so if s guy wears "shorts" the same length as a skirt,whats the difference ? ANSWER :only the seem to separate the legs..................

  40. Off course men can wear what they fancy. The only thing that makes me worry is when a grown up man asks for allowance to wear something.

  41. The whole issue of men wearing skirts has become more mainstream. I have very feminine legs, and I wear both skirts and pants to work, depending on the weather and the atmosphere of the job. My wife and many other of my female friends absolutely love when I wear a skirt, because my legs are very pretty. Yes, pretty, and many think that's it's only a word that applies to women. But, as a man if you adore feminine looking legs, and you actually have legs that look feminine, them why not show them off!

    I live a very masculine lifestyle, and from the waist up, the rest of me is very masculine, and as such, I don't wear anything other than male clothing up top. But, I developed very wide hips (36" waist and 49" hips) a round girly-type rear end, and curvy legs like a woman, so from the waist down women's clothes fit me better. When I wear a skirt, I typically wear women's panties, or a panty-girdle with pantyhose with my skirt, and suitable shoes. Yes, I even wear high heels sometimes because they look so nice with my skirts, but they certainly are a pain-in-the-ass to walk in.

    The reason that it's not such a big deal in my lifestyle, is because I understand when I have to be discrete. Women's dress pants, with my male suits, or a suitable skirt, knee length, when the occasion calls for it. I don't go out of my way to wear skirts, but they are just so much more comfortable than pants, andwearing skirts has just become very routine for me. I have very light hair, but do shave my legs, because the 'hairy thing' looks terrible on me, since my legs look more attractive as being feminine.

    There are those idiot men out there that are ignorant and homophobic, and make comments, but for the most part, most men and women alike don't really care either way. One nice thing about my legs and wearing skirts is this, I get lots or compliments from specially women who say that they would die to have my legs, and who encourage me to continue to wear skirts. It's a nice feeling to get these compliments, and even though at almost age 60 I look young for my age, it's nice to know that I can still get a smile from young women! I do wear mini-skirts from time to time when going out casually, but as a professional, I normally wear skirts that are acceptable attire within the office environment.

    So gentlemen, go ahead and wear a skirt if you like, and don't be afraid, because it's not such a big deal anymore.

  42. hi guys i have been wearing panties ever day for years. have been wearing skirts for four years. iam also a nudist for ten years. i wear my skirts at are nudist clubs at or dances and when its cold in the morning. most everybody is real good about it. and i am married with kids that are all moved away. i have 100 pairs of panties, 30 skirts long and short. i see no reason ever body cant wear what they want to, girls DO. check out the nudist clubs nutist are a lot more open mined then most!! thanks Crdiesel1952.