Monday, August 11, 2008

killed the diet "progress"

I am still trying to lose weight, but I decided to stop posting my progress (or lack thereof) on the blog.

The intention for posting my progress was "to keep me on track" so that "I will be less likely to cheat because I would be embarrassed when I publicize any weight gains here."

That sounded good in theory, but it did not work in practice and so, it goes.

(You got to love this photo of the woman weighing herself in heels. Maybe that is where I went wrong; I should have worn strappy high heels whenever I weighed myself!)


  1. Don't give up! I stalled out at 4 lbs down, but my waist dropped an inch afterwards. Just remember you aren't just losing weight, you are making a permanent lifestyle change. That takes a little more time. Best.. Marlene B

  2. Thank you for the encouragement, Marlene, and congratulations on the inch loss!

  3. Stacy, You gotta look good if you are a girl. I losed over 40 pounds over the last 7 months, Yes: over 40, and the thing that got me going was because I wanted to fit well into the nicest dresses, blouses, and skirts. I just kept on telling to myself if you really believe that you are a girl then you have to continue. and that was the greatest courage I ever received. And I am a totally different person, (well, I should rather say: "different girl") now when I check my self in the mirror while dressed.

    Keep up honey. It's a path worthed to continue

  4. Devorah --- Thank you for the encouragement. I am back on my diet and still plan to lose 16 pounds.