Monday, August 4, 2008

to church en femme

As I've written here many times before, I seldom remember my dreams and on those rare occasions that I do, the dreams are usually trans-related. Such was the case last night.

I dreamed I went to Sunday Mass en femme wearing a beige suit, open toe pumps, hat, and purse. Dressed to kill, but not atypical for a going to Mass outfit circa 1960.

I attended Mass at the same church my family always attended when I was growing up and I sat in a pew next to my grandmothers (both have been dead nearly 40 years).

No one said a word about my appearance; both grandmothers paid no attention to me. I wondered if they were ignoring me or were accepting me. I waited for their reaction, but none was forthcoming.

At the end of the Mass, I could not find my pocketbook and I awoke searching the church for my lost bag.


  1. Hi Girlfriend!

    I was excited by your dream -- I've been doing studies in the psychological interpretations of dreams (on the side) and dreams of churches I find quite interesting. If interested what the dream 'may' represent (as all interpretations are just that... individual interpretations or bestguesstimates -- gotta love science!)

    Churches represent a place of neutrality -- where to go to often 'find our true selves' as it's a safe haven.

    What does a church hold - spirituality (not necessarily religousity) and 'contains' things we hold sacred (important) to us.

    Dreams of being inside of a church often show us our needs and wants of being 'enlightened' searching for guidance of our 'inner' selves. A way to 'lead' us on a supportive track that you may have been questioning.

    Churches represent a place of 'inner' thinking that can be done without repercussions, somewhere we can go to reevaluate our lives.

    When we have too much on our minds -- it does something AMAZING -- which is what led me into the field of psychology rather than general medicine. The mind 'heals'. It can withhold so much information and experiences until we are emotionally and psychologically 'ready'. When that happens we begin to have vivid dreams, reflections, feelings of deju vu even. Another healing attempt is to have dreams that if strongly held and evaluated can held guide us into making peaceful, uncomplicated decisions -- rather than suppressing or jumping head strong into a situation that may be even more traumatic.

    I LOVE the brain -- its mystery and magic.

    Love you too!

    But this is just 'my' professional psycho babble...


  2. p --- Wow - That is a lot of food for thought! Thanks so much for all that. I wonder if there is a Dream Analysis for Dummies book that will help me make sense of all my trans-dreams. Love - S/L

  3. p --- I just checked Amazon and there is a Dream Dictionary for Dummies, as well as The Complete Idiot's Guide Dream Dictionary.

  4. Nice post. I love the pic you posted today of the magenta suit, its one of your best yet. I finally have a new post up.

  5. cool - gotta love amazon and for finding books -- gonna pick one up?


  6. p --- Yes, I plan to buy one of the books, but first, I will check the town library and see if they have anything on the subject.

  7. I have thought about going to church en femme. You could dress up nicely and not stand out too badly. But many women don't dress up as much as they use to for church. My problem is that this is a smaller town and my car is the only one around like it and and on top of that I have a personalized liscence plate. So much for trying to be anonymous.

  8. Lauralee --- I am an amateur radio/ham radio operator and my call sign is on my car's license plate, so it provides an easy way for being outed.

    People who know me by my call sign may wonder who is the woman driving my car. Other people, who see a woman driving a car with call letter license plates may decide to look up my call sign and find out who the woman is.

    That being said, the only time my license plate has outed me was when another ham showed up at my support group's meeting. It turned out that he was a trans sister, too (and his SUV also had call letter plates).