Saturday, August 2, 2008

Mary-Louise Parker on Letterman

Updated: August 3, 2008

Mary-Louise Parker was a guest on Letterman last night. I stayed up just to watch her appearance. As luck would have it, she was the last guest and did not appear until well after midnight.

She was worth the wait!

Unlike some guests who appear on Letterman and Leno as if they just came in from slopping the pigs, i.e., wearing jeans, the 5' 8" tall Ms. Parker was dressed to the nines in a short red satin dress, black pantyhose or tights, and black patent Mary Jane heels (not the outfit as in the photo to the right).

She looked classy!

I loved her outfit and could see myself in something similar, if not identical.

Note to Moi: Add Ms. Parker to the "famous females of height" list.


  1. Saw the tail end of the interview and was impressed to hear her mention Reactive Attachment Disorder.

    Words of wisdom out of the mouth of such a beautiful woman are surprising on late night talk shows.

    The reception of local tv stations where I live is poor. It wasn't until today I discovered it was MLP.

    And, as "luck" would have it, today's her birthday as well.

    Left a B'Day msg. on her imdb site a few minutes ago.

    Her consciousness seems more advanced than others.

    Hope she can find companionship.

  2. flickfiend --- Yes, MLP impressed me with her intelligence, too.