Tuesday, August 26, 2008

evening gown

As I wrote here last Thursday, I am going to Fantasia Fair for the first time.

I will be going for the whole fair, i.e., Sunday evening to the following Sunday morning, so I will be en femme 24/7 for 7 straight days (maybe "straight" is not the correct word, but you know what I mean).

Needless to say, I am very excited about it and the Fair has been on my mind all the time ever since I decided to go.

Yesterday, I started compiling a list of things to bring to the Fair. First, I listed the events at the Fair that I will likely attend (all of them, of course) and then I made notes of what I will wear to each event.

I had no problem coming up with enough outfits to wear, but I am not sure what to wear to the Saturday night "Gala Awards Banquet." I have a couple of knock-out cocktail dresses that I have worn in the past to my support group's annual banquet and they will be more than adequate, but I'd really like to wear something new and more formal (longer) than a cocktail dress, i.e., an "evening gown."

So, I am gown shopping. I started my search by browsing the various Web sites where I normally shop and a few where I have never shopped, but I found nothing that floated my boat; nothing that cried out "Staci, I am so you!" So, my search continues.

If anyone has any suggestions, please pass them along.


  1. Well! As we live vicariously through you, hon, be sure to access your blog during the week. If you can, give us a daily dose of what it's all about at Fantasia Fair!
    Those details of who's who, what their wearing... how it all is...
    (she said jealousely)

  2. Deborah --- Assuming I have Internet access, I plan to post to my blog everyday from Fantasia Fair.

  3. Either a cocktail dress or an evening dress is OK. If you are looking for an evening dress Glamour Boutique has a good slection. If I decide to go the "Gala Awards Banquet" I will wear my basic “LBD”

    The first year that I went to FF I had my hatchback completely filled, including the passenger seat. At the B&B the owner asked if he could help me bring my clothes in, I thing he regretted asking me when he saw how much I had brought with me.

    Most of the B&B's have a guest computer that you can use or have WiFi

  4. Diana --- Thank you for the tip about Glamour Boutique.

  5. That's great, Staci! We look foward to the festiviities... hey: take a digital camera too...

  6. Deborah --- I will definitely have my camera in tow at Fantasia Fair.

  7. ooo,that sounds like SO much fun!

    Check out Elegant Mart


    I'd be shocked if you didn't find a great dress there. They have a HUGE selection!

  8. Michelle --- Thank you for the tip. I will check out Elegant Mart ASAP.