Friday, August 15, 2008

clearance sale

Every day of the week, I get an e-mail from Spiegel touting their sale du jour.

I like Spiegel's clothing and have bought a few items from them in the past, but most of the time I don't buy anything because they are expensive.

Today's e-mail from Spiegel announced a clearance sale, so I dutifully checked out what they had on sale and I found the pictured jacket and skirt that I had died for in the past on sale and in my size!

Originally, they cost $79 and $39 respectively, but on clearance, they were $13.99 and $6.99, so how could I resist! In addition, I got 20% off my order by signing up for a Spiegel credit card. So, what would have cost me (with shipping and handling) $126.94 back when I was dying for it, now cost me only $25.72!

Can this girl shop or what!


  1. Go for it Girl, I am sure you would look fabulos in it, Will you have your hair done in the same way as in this picture?

  2. Devorah --- It is a fab outfit, but I don't have a wig like the model's hair, so something else with have to do for do.