Wednesday, August 20, 2008

how do you put a bra on

Robin sent me this link to a cute video and I am passing it on to you.


  1. Following up.... Thanks for your advice. I'm going to have a makeover Monday morning (playing hooky). I'm getting better at doing it myself but I enjoy the pampering so I'll spend a few dollars on myself.

    And Just In Case I do get up the courage to try on clothes, I bought four (!) possible dresses for the trip today. No, I didn't try them on.

    The makeover's in a pretty busy mall and I'll be there during lunch so I'm going to have to try to fit in (not bloody likely though). AND I just started working in an office right across the street from the mall. This could be interesting.

    Have you ever been told, no you can't use the woman's dressing room?

    BTW, you've helped me move way beyond my comfort zone, and I thank you.

  2. Meg --- Some places like M·A·C and Sephora give free makeovers hoping you will buy some or all of the products they use on you during the makeover.

    I have never been told that I could not use the woman's dressing room. In fact, I have even used the woman's dressing room shopping in boy mode for woman's clothing

    You're welcome and have a blast!

  3. Staci,

    I'm looking forward to it. I go out only once or twice a year. The MAC here said it's $60 for a makeover but you get a $60 store credit. The place I'm going has a $45 makeover with $45 in product that you choose. They also have a $50 lesson (no product rebate) that I'm considering. Learning is good.

  4. Meg --- Last time I had a makeover at M·A·C (and Sephora for that matter), they were free. I guess the times, they are a changin'.