Friday, August 29, 2008

October 31

I am sitting at my desk at work yesterday afternoon and the administrator to the president of my division pops into my cubicle. She is relatively new, maybe on the job for three months, so we hardly know each other. She is checking out my face and says something like, "I wanted to see what you look like."

I am very puzzled and then she drops the other shoe: she heard I did drag on Halloween and wanted to see what I looked like en homme. Satisfied, she left my cubicle.

I went to work en femme for a Halloween contest back in 2003. I was surprised that five years later, people are still talking about it.

I was curious, so later in the afternoon, I visited her to find out who spilled the beans.

It seems she was in a meeting and joked that the company should have a cross-gender day where all the women come in dressed like men and all the men come in dressed as women. Someone else in the meeting, who has been with the company awhile, chimed in about how well I did drag.

She asked me what I wore and I told her about my pinstripe suit and auburn wig (see photo). Then, I told her I would e-mail her a photo. So I went back to my cubicle and e-mailed her a photo.

She responded that I looked very good, had good taste, and maybe I could do it again if the company decides to have another Halloween event.

I responded that I might wear a costume on Halloween whether there was a special Halloween event or not.

She responded, "Why not."

Don't be surprised if I do go to work en femme on October 31.


  1. If you do dress on Halloween, I would suggest doing a better-than-typical implementation of one of the usual "guy in drag" costumes: maid, nurse, cheerleader, Elvira, etc.

    That way, you can have fun but no one can point to the pictures later and make the case that something more was going on than you simply wearing a costume for Halloween. Work politics suck, and I'd be concerned that people still remembered something I did five years ago.

    Nursemates come in size 12. I speak from experience. :)

  2. Roscoe --- You make an excellent point, but it may be too late. I probably dragged the cat out of the bag already because I did office girl drag at work (at the same place) twice in the past for Halloween, so my reputation for doing high-end drag proceeds me. Anyway, my list of possible Halloween costumes this year are Jackie Kennedy drag or lady of the night drag.

  3. Do the business drag again. Tell them you read that you're supposed to "dress for the job you want, not the job you have" with a big smile and let them figure out what you mean or how you mean it.

  4. Meg --- I love your suggestion!

  5. Go with Jackie Kennedy.

    That early 60s look is hot again thanks to "Mad Men", and, if you work with hip women, you could probably find a few "Joan" wannabes who would love an excuse to show up dressed to kill.

  6. Roscoe --- If I do Jackie Kennedy (pink suit and pillbox hat), it could also be taken for Mad Men early 1960s office drag.

  7. OMG! Word does get around... :)

    You should be in good forms after seven day at Fan Fair

  8. Diana --- After 7 days, I know it will be very difficult to get back into boy mode!

  9. i worked 2 times for t/g friends in ct as there carpentress 22 days then 25 days a yr later. both times i was frankly not quite ready to go back to boy mode only the constant shaving really close became any real hassle.

    the whole prier WEEK of halloween and week after sounds pretty good to try if you have the brass to do so with the girls sponcering yea at some amount per day you dress enfem at work go thru with it ... to raise funds for breast cancer as an idea .. that i have bin trying to get rolling ..strangely 1 gal i know said she was offened though. but it sounds like it would go over quite well at your job. you lucky girl,, by the way guys can get breast cancer too so hit them all up to sponcer you.

    i thought of this after my sister got breast cancer and is a surviver

    sure is more fun then basket ball or walks to me.

    hugs davida michaele aka davidainmaryland1 in yahoo add me as a friend girls .... ps have your profile compleated..

  10. Davida --- That is really pushing the envelope!

  11. davidainmaryland1January 05, 2010

    yes it could be but my sister is still hanging in there as a survivor of her breast cancer

    happy new years girls

  12. sad update sis passed away mid april 2010