Thursday, April 4, 2024

Yet Another Dress Code Joke


Wearing Boston Proper

Remembering Candy Darling

"She wasn’t acting. She was living,” Cynthia Carr writes in a new biography.

By Elyssa Goodman

It’s hard to have one favorite photograph of Candy Darling, but mine lives in the New York Public Library’s Billy Rose Theatre Division. In this photo by Kenn Duncan, she’s wrapped in a white fur and a golden yellow dress, her signature blond curls falling loosely around dark eyes and red lips. She’s easily one of the most beautiful performers ever to grace analog film.

In her time, Candy Darling’s portrait was taken by some of the greatest photographers of their day, including Richard Avedon, Peter Hujar, and Cecil Beaton. As author Cynthia Carr shares in her new biography Candy Darling: Dreamer, Icon, Superstar, Candy was apparently only more beautiful in person. But Carr’s new biography, the first of its kind about the star, preserves her legacy as not just a great beauty, but as an actress, an artist and a trailblazer of contemporary transgender history.

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  1. Candy Darling was, indeed, more beautiful in person than even the photo you've chosen. The first time I saw her it was almost impossible to take my eyes off her.

    The plays they did were written by Jackie Curtis, and also included Holly Woodlawn. The location was in some warehouse fitted with a bar. The plays were very silly and didn't last too long. My NYC friend got me into two of these "extravaganzas". Thy were done in plenty of time for me to catch a later show at The 82 Club.

    Did I mention that Candy Darling was stunning? She made my heart go, "Pitter-pat". She had some acting chops, but they were wasted on the silly material -- she was more than just a pretty face.

  2. You should point out to your wife if you are sharing a wardrobe, that is a reason to double the size of it....