Sunday, April 14, 2024

He's Just My Style

Source: Venus
Wearing Venus

Alex Saxon
Alex Saxon femulating for television’s Ray Donovan.


  1. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree ... love the two cuties

  2. Lovely !

  3. Couldn't locate the Ray Donovan episode, but photos of Alex Saxon show me that's his real hair! Another one shows a nicely arched (plucked) eyebrow. Might he be a femulator, too?

    I was a regular watcher of Ray Donovan, though I can't swear to having watched them all. I do tend to remember crossdressers. Stana, you're a true sleuth who's able to find photos when nobody else can! Do you have the season/episode number? I'd like to watch this one.

    1. Season 1 Episode 2 and Season 3 Episode 4

  4. I noticed my wife had bought the same exact Croft & Barrow dress that I had already bought. And, in the same size. I wish she were more receptive to my desire to wear women's dresses as I would be willing to share my wardrobe which is very more extensive than her wardrobe.

  5. I'm never quite sure how I feel about shorts and heels, but that Venus outfit is heavenlyđź’«