Thursday, April 18, 2024

Suits Him

Source: Cynthia Rowley
Wearing Cynthia Rowley

Jorge Chacón
Jorge Chacón, womenswear model


  1. Have you seen Dev Patel's film currently in cinemas, Monkey Man yet? The heroes include a tribe of hijras (Indian transgender women), although only 3 of them are hijras in real life (the rest played by Indonesian stuntmen convincingly dolled up in some very convincing femulations).

  2. It looks like Billy understood the dress code beautifully!

    Maybe one day we won't have to specify that Jorge is modeling "womenswear" but rather just state that he is a model:)

  3. Wow! Jorge Chacon has what seems to be an unlimited supply of photos on the 'net! Jorge is beautiful without any apparent "padding" -- and check out that fabulous hair! Mom, why didn't you send me your thick hair genes??

    Here's a link to just some of Jorge's photos.