Sunday, April 28, 2024

Yesterday was Saturday

Source: ShopBop
Wearing Cara Cara

Raoul Vázquez femulates Bad Gyal on Spanish television’s Tu Cara Me Suena (Your Face Sounds Familiar).
Click here to view this absolutely amazing femulation on YouTube.


  1. Peanuts is priceless. Gender dysphoria, like autism, is over-diagnosed. Wondering what it's like to be a member of the other sex is normal, although the degree of wonder and commitment will vary.

  2. I know Rauol is a member of the LGBT community and I am guessing that he is not a civilian.

  3. Gender dysphoria is no joke. I'm.committed to retain my masculine identity no matter what, but I am on estradiol validate injections that has given me a feminine appearance. I'm a lot healthier as I no longer over consume alcohol, and I no longer have depression and suicidal thought.
    I wear dresses, nail varnish (polish) and for formal occasions, heels.and makeup.
    I think the biggest tragedy in male garb occurred with the Great Male Renunciation in the late 1700's where male attire, which used to be beautiful, became drab. I believe that is a violation of the natural order where the male of many species is flashier and more colorful than the female.