Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Stuff 26: Some times you feel like a nut…

…Sometimes you don’t
By J.J. Atwell

Remember that commercial for Almond Joy and Mounds candy bars? Well, that applies to writing my Stuff too. Sometimes I feel like writing. Sometimes I don’t. After a fairly dry creative period, the urge to write has returned. And yes, sometimes I do feel like a nut. 

I find it amazing how much Stuff there is in my life. I get inspirations at the oddest of times. Like in the shower. OK, so it is not a pretty sight. We better move on to writing.

Why I Write

Some of you might wonder what prompts me to spend time writing these blog posts. I have a few reasons. First I should explain that writing was very important in my working days. Although I was a bean counter, I had to be good at writing in order to explain what the numbers meant to non bean counters. That meant paying attention to the more technical parts of writing such as proper grammar as well as how to structure sentences and paragraphs to make a persuasive point. Although I’ve been retired for some years, those habits are still with me. So I hope that you understand the points I’m making with my Stuff.

Perhaps a more significant reason I write is on a personal level. Writing about crossdressing gives me a sense of accomplishment and validity. It is actually a form of therapy for me. I get to take all my random thoughts, organize them, and put them down on paper in a logical fashion. It makes that part of my life more real.

I also probably should have become a teacher since I enjoy helping others learn about many things, not just about dressing as a woman. Being old, I’ve had a lot of crossdressing experience and have seen many changes or trends over the years. Some things that were old are new again. So I write about crossdressing experiences to pass along what I’ve learned or observed over the years. I hope reading my Stuff opens your eyes to new crossdressing opportunities. And the courage to pursue them. That’s what Stuff is all about.

I’ll be back

I’m not sure just what kind of schedule I’ll be keeping but I do plan on finding more Stuff to write about. Until then, I’d welcome comments here on Stana’s page or by email at Jenn6nov at-sign gmail dot com.

Source: Rue La La
Wearing Lilla P

WRS and Emilian femulating the “Cell Block Tango” from Chicago on Romanian television’s Te Cunosc De Undeva (Your Face Sound Familiar).

Click here to view this femulation on YouTube.

Thanks to Dee Kaye for the information about this femulation.


  1. JJ I want to tell you. Your Stuff is appreciated. Your take on stuff be it fashion facts. Life in general as we see it. Your POV. I may not always agree. Some times you feel like a nut.

    1. JJ here: Thanks so much for the compliments! Please be sure to chime in on any of my posts with your opinion. It's important to hear all views.

  2. Yay...another installment of stuff! I also enjoying writing about my CD experiences. As a stay-at-home CD, I don't get the opportunity to experience the moments and emotions of living as Elise - so I write about it. I write stories imagining what I would wear, do, think, say as a CD navigating a variety of life situations. It's a fun creative outlet and also a way for me to try to understand my CD journey.

    If you've never done it, I suggest you give it a try😊

    1. JJ here: Really appreciate your enthusiasm for my posts. Hope you'll take time to write about yours. Would love to hear other points of view.

  3. Forgive me off-topic but I really enjoy finding new brands here - I love the Femulate Her - more than half the time I will highlight the brand and do a search for their website. This dress today is to die for and it was a new brand for me