Thursday, April 11, 2024

Run Away

Source: Paige
Wearing Paige

Nick Sinckler, Kuba Szmajkowski, Marcin Januszkiewicz and Ewelina Flinta
Nick Sinckler, Kuba Szmajkowski, Marcin Januszkiewicz and Ewelina Flinta impersonate The Pussycat Dolls on Polish television's Twoja twarz brzmi znajomo.
Click here to watch this impersonation on YouTube.


  1. Pretty Polish ladies. By the way Polish lingerie is very pretty and decently priced.

  2. Nothing ruins my day like a run in my hose! How kind of that young man to let Stan know.

    Meow! Those Pussycat Dolls are gorgeous😻

  3. I like maxi dresses as I can get by with stockings that come up over my calves instead of thigh length stockings and pantyhose. If I get a run in those shorter stockings it's no big deal.
    And as the only true bass (deeper than baritone) I typically wear such attire to choir practice where nobody else wears a skirt or a dress.


    1. Stockings are so much more practical than tights (panty hose).
      Penny from Cambridge.

    2. True, but I love the feel of hosiery all the way up my legs under a formal length half slip under a maxi dress, especially under a maxi dress with an empire waist. Empire waist maxi dresses are a good way to conceal the boxy male form, the lack of a defined waist.

  4. I'm a little annoyed so many other countries have this show, and it lasted, what, a half season here? Compared to the garbage on TV now?