Friday, December 29, 2023

Zer0 to 80

I am having a lot of fun using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to create images for the blog. I find it interesting how AI handles request to depict crossdressers. The results tend to depict crossdressers who present well, so they have a better chance of passing.

I ran a test to compare how AI handles crossdressers of different ages, from 0 to 80. Not actually 0, but 18- to 80-year-old, male-to-female crossdressers wearing little black dresses and high heelsHere are the results.

18 years old

20-something years old

30-something years old

40-something years old

50-something years old

60-something years old

70-something years old

80-something years old


  1. Wow. More please on how you started; with photos of men? I'd love to see how one person progresses over thr decades. When I saw an AI app that purported to show what one would look like as a woman, I went through past photos ans gave him the works. I'll try, when I get my desk top back, to pull them out by age seqence and send them to you for posting, if of interest. I can't see male me, but probably others can, as I am told that seeing a picture of my mother, it is clear i am her son.

    Nick (Lily)

  2. 18 to 80 ,really doesn't really matter , one with transfeminine ⚧️ feelings , Still Has To Dress at least a Little every day !

  3. On the 30-somethings, AI seems to have had a problem with the shoes on a couple of the "girls"

  4. I was impressed by how skillfully the AI portrayed cross-dressers. While some might find them a bit too convincing in their appearance, I actually found it made the portrayal even more realistic. It felt almost as if I could recognize some of the faces from real online photos. You're right, it definitely creates a stronger sense of possibility.

    Now, I'm curious about the tools you used to achieve this. Any advice you could share for someone getting started in this area? Paula G

  5. I find AI people to be creepy.
    Interesting: AI has a harder time getting hands and faces correct than it has getting body weight/proportions correct.

  6. Marissa in OhioDecember 29, 2023

    Hi Stana, This presentation is hilarious, wonderful, frightening, and a clear example of the way AI algorithms/processes are able to scan, select, and reassemble vast, vast amounts of data into something new. Aside from the AI issues the images are very interesting as portrayals of the human condition across time. There are some great looks here! Thank you for doing this! Best to you and Happy New Year's. Marissa in Ohio

  7. I thought the 18's looks little older for the most part. Super fun toy you have there!

  8. AI got it right…..high heels and dresses. How about a business look Stana? Did you try Halloween at Work crossdressing? Hugs Brenda Happy New Year Peace, health and LBD with pearls

  9. I noticed the women seemed to add a few pounds as they aged. There certainly should be a lot more heavier women in the younger age groups. Perhaps, AI's quest could only find slim women in more abundant number that heavier women?