Monday, December 18, 2023

Stuff #23

By J.J. Atwell

Hello All

Can’t believe I’m still talking about stuff. A sane person might have wondered how much more Stuff there could be to write about. But I never claimed to be sane, so here we go!

Mentors and Allies

I’d like to use this installment to give thanks to all those non-crossdressers who are our mentors and allies. They are so important to our community. On both an individual and global basis, these individuals have made huge contributions to how we are seen today.  

JJ is very lucky to have the benefit of advice from others. “Others” as in other crossdressers and genetic girls. I found it was important to learn from those that walk the walk all the time in order to improve my own presentation. I know I’ve still got a long way to go, so I often check with my genetic girl friends, Gigi and Alicia, when I’m pulling an outfit together. I’ll also ask them to honestly critique my look after the fact.

I also included other crossdressers in this category. Perhaps it’s obvious that we can learn from other crossdressers, just as we learn from genetic girls. They have learned to deal with the same issues we are facing ourselves. Some of them are happy to share their “secrets” which we can adopt for our own. Indeed, by writing Stuff for Stana’s blog I’m attempting to share what I’ve learned about crossdressing. I urge others to make their own contributions.   

As I’ve become more active in our local crossdressing group, I’ve had a great opportunity to chat not only with the other crossdressers, but also their significant others. I’ve found these women to be a great resource for advice about my appearance and how I behave in my femme presentation. It’s also instructive to see how they interact with their other halves when they are en femme.  

I guess this column rambled for a bit. But I just wanted to pay homage to those who help us appear to be the best woman we can be. That’s what all this stuff is about.  

I’ll be back

I’d love to hear about your mentors or your allies. I hope you’ll also take the time to thank them. Until then, I’d welcome comments here on the blog or by email at Jenn6nov at-sign gmail dot com.

Source: Venus
Wearing Venus

Luke, Before and After


  1. Thank you, Stana, for highlighting Venus as I never knew it existed prior to discovering your blog. I've been eying several of their sweater dresses, including the one you posted today. Fingers crossed for a post-holiday sale on these dresses!

    1. I love Venus. Their sizes are very consistent and the clothing is very attractive. They ship from the West Coast, so it takes a week to receive my orders here on the East Coast, which I think is very good.

  2. Luke looks much older as a woman.