Thursday, December 28, 2023

Like Father, Like Son... Not

Source: Boston Proper
Wearing Boston Proper

Enzo Cerusico
Enzo Cerusico femulating in the 1979 Italian film Excuse Me, Are You Normal?


  1. I am with Martin on this. It is really an all or nothing thing. Either be entirely en femme with every detail attended to as best one can, or don't.
    Penny from Edinburgh.

  2. I've always enjoyed gender nonconformity. My only change in today's photo would be to switch the outfits.

  3. This disgusting fixation of Dad's and son's cross-dressing together continues to misrepresent the TRANSGENDER community as a whole.

    You should really talk to a therapist about it...we are having enough problems with cis people mistakenly thinking we are perverts an your content does not help.


    1. I never went out with my father .crossdressed, but I did go out with my mother many times. Usually just a casual lunch. There were times she would bring me a bag of "hand me downs" so she did actively participate in my cross dressing. Come to think of it, my father used to drive me to therapy sessions while I was cross dressed and on at least one occasion we went to lunch afterwards. I wonder how many cross dressing father-son stories there are. I know I've heard of brothers that cross dress, but not many father son. Anyone?

  4. The Someday Funny brings a visual to my thoughts on the gender identification of clothing. One the one hand, I wish clothing had no gender and it would be perfectly "normal" for me as a man to wear pantyhose, stilettos, etc anywhere and any time I liked. On the other hand, I wish clothes were either masculine or feminine and I was free to express either side of my personality through the clothes I was wearing.