Saturday, December 23, 2023

Never Too Old


Source: Marciano
Wearing Marciano

Warratahs Mobile Theatre Unit
Warratahs Mobile Theatre Unit’s female impersonator entertaining Australian troops in 1943.


  1. Never Too Old ; Well with Stashu looking that good , there’s no need to dress Her age .

  2. What's the giveaway that it's our Stashu -- houndstooth, of course.

  3. The way I see it, I didn’t get to wear holiday dresses as a child or mini dresses as a teenager so I need to make up for the lost opportunity!

  4. Leslie LangfordDecember 23, 2023

    We're on to you, Stana - LOL!

    "Stachu" is the Polish diminutive of "Stanislaus" i.e. "Stanley" in English. Probably something your Grandma called you back in the day, actually. You're also not 80 years old yet, but that meme is certainly inspirational/aspirational and one to keep in mind as time matches on.

    1. Actually, most of my relatives still call me Stashu. Growing up, my father was "Stosh," so they called me "Stashu" to differentiate my father and I. Today, I regret not using Stashu as my femme name. I guess it's not too late to make a change!

    2. Leslie LangfordDecember 23, 2023

      Stosh and Stashu...Cool nicknames!...and oh, so Polish.

      But then why does my twisted mind when seeing those names conjure up images of the Schmenge Brothers (Yosh - John Candy and Stan - Eugene Levy) of the renowned Happy Wanderers Polka Band from the fictional country of Leutonia. They used to be a staple of the old SCTV comedy series that excelled at all manner of parodies. Or as Lawrence Welk would have put it... "A one, and a two..." πŸ˜‰

    3. Cabbage Rolls and coffee, mmm mmm good


  5. My grandfather was Stanley and my Dad carried it forward as a middle name Stashu is very familiar to me

    Would the feminine be Stasia similar to Basia aka diminutive for Barbara

    Paula G