Thursday, October 20, 2022

Someday Funnies: Girly Men at Work

Source: New York & Company
Wearing New York & Company

Peter Capaldi and Robbie Coltrane
Peter Capaldi and Robbie Coltrane femulating on British television’s The Comic Strip Presents. Robbie died on Friday and his antics in skirts will be missed.


  1. Ah, The Comic Strip Presents, a quality show 🌟

    Robbie was also in The Fruit Machine as Annabelle.

    Peter pops up in Prime Suspect

  2. Robbie Coltrane played one of Daphne Moon's brothers on Frasier, he spoke gibberish that only his family could understand. I didn't realize until watching reruns that all her brothers spoke with different accents! Speaking of Frasier, the only on screen femulating I remember was when Roz threw out a hideous green bridesmaid dress that her garbage man (not the one she would eventually date) keeps for himself. The final scene is Roz on the street seeing him walk by wearing the dress.