Monday, October 3, 2022

David Foley: Femulator or Civilian?

Yesterday’s post with David Foley in the Femulator slot resulted in a few comments wondering whether David is a civilian or a femulator. His numerous television and film appearances en femme, not to mention his drop-dead gorgeous femulations would seem to indicate that he is a femulator. On the other hand, he may be a civilian who has been typecasted because of his excellent femulations. 

Who knows? 

Probably only David, but to make a case as a femulator, I have collected all of his appearances en femme and list them below (according to date). If you know any that I missed, let me know and I will add them to the list.

👩 The Soup television series, “Grownup Pageant Princess” episode, 2010

👩 Kids in the Hall: Death Comes to Town television mini-series, 2010 (photo left)

👩 Employee of the Month film, 2004; David plays Eric, a crossdressing dentist

👩 NewsRadio television series; “Halloween” episode, 1996, a 5-star femulation (see it on YouTube)

👩 It's Pat: The Movie film, 1994; David plays Chris, a person of indeterminate gender

👩 “Heterosexual Man” by Odds music video, 1993; a must-see music video (see it on YouTube)

👩 The Kids In The Hall television series, 1988-2011 and 2022; David makes numerous appearances en femme in most episodes of this series as do the other members of this comedy ensemble (see it on YouTube)


1. The Soup entry above is based on an educated guess. Can anyone confirm David’s femulation in that episode? 

2. David appears in the 1996 film Kids in the Hall: Brain Candy, but I believe he does not appear en femme in that film. 

Source: Venus
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David Foley
David Foley en femme in the famous “Halloween” episode of television’s NewsRadio.


  1. If some one likes Femulating, being paid to do it sounds good to me

  2. that's Isabella Rossellini. although pic resembles with dave

  3. I want a make-over with Dave Foley's wardrobe and makeup artist!!!! --Paula G

  4. Ah, look well if Mr Foley stumbles upon this post! 🙂

    Civilian or Femulator, they certain do well dressed, regardless.

  5. Femulator, no doubt about it!

  6. Leslie LangfordOctober 03, 2022

    Dave Foley was (is) certainly a top-notch femulator and excelled at portraying glamorous women in his day. Sadly, the bloom of youth has since left him and his current appearance would not leave someone with the impression that he could ever have pulled off this female impersonation so successfully. Interesting fact: like most of us, Dave was also married while all of this femulation was going on.

    That said, I would give Bruce McCullough - also of Kids In The Hall fame - honorable mention here. He did a very credible (and endearing) femulation of the typical "girl next door".

  7. Loved the first couple of seasons of Kids in the Hall. In my opinion, this group of Canadian comedians is far better than the entourage that populated the early years of SNL. The material was consistently edgier, verging on dada-esque sometimes.

  8. I never watched News Radio but weirdly enough the only part of it I ever saw was this episode as I was flipping through channels. I remember just watching agog and feeling a bit jealous that someone got to get dressed up like that and be paid for it!

  9. Stana is right that Mr. Foley did not femulate in Brain Candy. Messrs. Thompson and McCullough did. It's interesting to speculate whether Foley femulates off-screen, but ultimately irrelevant. We are fortunate to live in an age when we can enjoy "her" anytime with the click of a mouse!

    1. Hes the lady in the first pic and still looks like a biologic middle aged woman lol