Friday, October 28, 2022

Bank and Salon Redux

Commenting on Wednesday’s post about going to my bank and hair salon en femme on Halloween, Jasmine asked, “Do they now know about that side of you or was this just a thing you did at Halloween and have not been back en femme since?”

I don’t know what they know. I have not returned en femme, but when I returned after Halloween, I discovered I was the talk of the town.

Bank Redux

I went to my bank to withdraw money to buy groceries after my Halloween en femme visit.

The teller (Miss K) was the first woman I saw walking into the bank on Halloween. The other two women staffing the bank were not working that day. One (Miss C) is the teller I often deal with at the drive-through window. The other (Miss L) is the branch manager, who refinanced my mortgage. So they both know me well as a regular customer.

Miss K handled my withdrawal and then she brought up the topic of Halloween. She said my “costume” was the best she had ever seen. Then she asked me if I had a photo on my iPhone so she could show Miss C.

Of course I did and she called Miss C over to see my photo. Needless to say, she was floored. Then she asked Miss L if she had seen my Halloween costume photo.

Miss L replied, “No, but I heard about it.”

Evidently, my costume was the talk of the bank staff. (I dress to impress!)

I showed Miss L my photo and she was amazed, too.

Salon Redux

I also had an appointment at my hair salon. My hairdresser, Miss K, was off on Halloween, so after she seated me at her station, she said, “I’m sorry I missed you on Tuesday. The girls said you were beautiful.”

So I immediately retrieved my iPhone and showed her my photo that Miss C took on Tuesday.

She took my iPhone, examined the photo closely and remarked, “You look like a businesswoman.”

“That's what I intended.”

“You do look beautiful!”

Source: Joie
Wearing Joie

Charley Chase
Charley Chase (right) femulating in the 1934 film Four Parts.


  1. A big problem with fancy dress dos like halloween is you can out yourself by looking too good
    The way you handle a skirt can also be a big giveaway

  2. “You do look beautiful “ words of acceptance and validation, some thing we all have been thirsting for our whole life— Paula G

  3. I found one thing about being an out trans woman.
    Everyone remembers a 6 foot trans woman!
    As soon as I walk in to the bank… “Hi Diana!”
    It would be hard to a forged check… “You are not Diana, we know her and you are definitely not Diana!”

    1. Maybe that's why everyone knew my name at my favorite Dress Barn!

  4. I've had my nails done at a small salon for almost a decade now, gel fingers and regular polish toes. They always ask about my Halloween costume and want to see pictures. Sometimes I will go to my appointments wearing eye makeup.

    I had classes where there was a 6'3" cis woman as a student. Then one day there was TWO 6+ foot women students. 6 foot women do stand out (pun intended).

  5. Thank you for answering my question, Stana, in this post.