Saturday, October 29, 2022

Someday Funnies: Equality En Femme

Source: Ann Taylor
Wearing Ann Taylor

Christopher Morley femulating in the 1972 film All About Alice.


  1. Now let us see the manager can get that little group back into men's formal office wear

  2. I’ve never seen All About Alice, but Christopher Morley deserves a prime place in the Femulators Hall of Fame! Not only does he always look smashing, but he has the female voice down pat as well.

  3. Christopher Morley was as good as any female impersonator who has ever been on film. He had everything down pat, the voice, the (glamorous) look and the movements. The walk was that of a woman, the movements of the arms was totally feminine. Perfect.

    But, "OH NO!", I just did a quick search and found "All About Alice" was on Turner Movie Classics earlier this month! That's the bad news, but since TMC cycles every film they have access to, it'll be back sometime. Let's all keep our eyes open and when these classic drag satires come back let's pass the word to Stana so she can broadcast the timings. I used plural above because there's a group of five of these drag satires. Check out 2-6 on this link:

  4. The local boutique was saved from shuttering now that the “dress code” was being enforced since the civilians only wear sweats and loose tops. Cassandra the owner is now stocking larger sizes of business wear and heels in womans sz 10-12. Morale is at an all time high as they return to the office and the click clack of high heels in the hallways is back. Gossip and the interest in Janice’s Mary Jane 3 strap pump is a hot topic. Forget Payless, Janice is a sz 9 and she loves the Michael Kors brand. Watch out for Ken in Accounting as she breaks the skirt height rules to showcase her long legs and knows the effect of a nude 4” heel.