Friday, August 19, 2022

Thor’s Day Out

Thursday, I dressed pretty and attended the Creative Cocktail Hour put on monthly by Real
Art Ways. “Held every third Thursday of the month. A diversity of cool cats and outcasts gathers to experience art and connect with one another.” 

Last time I attended was just before the pandemic. Avoiding crowds, I have not attended since... until yesterday. (Before the pandemic, I attended three or four times each year.)

I wore a new dress from Zesica via Amazon – a sleeveless Damask T-shirt cover-up dress in a sexy leopard print, nude pumps from Payless, nude bag from Christian Siriano, nude thigh highs from Berkshire, gold necklace and earrings from Avon and unmentionables from Rago. 

To offset all the nude-ity, I wore a black scarf, but that choice was rejected by my fashion consultant (my Missus). She suggested something brighter, so we went through my scarf stash and redressed with a gold scarf.

The “Hour” starts at 6, so I left home at 5:30 PM. Traffic was light once I got through ESPN Town congestion and I arrived at Real Art Ways at 5:50. Paid my admission and looked for a familiar and/or welcoming face. 

I immediately ran into Deja, a friend who I first met at our support group years ago. We bought drinks, then grabbed a couple of seats indoors to catch up with each other’s lives. After we were all caught up, we went outside to listen to the live band, where I ran into Audrey, another support group friend. Audrey took the photo above, while we tried to catch up, but it was difficult because the band was very loud.

I did not encounter any other old friends, but I did meet some new acquaintances – two girls like me, one girl who was indeterminate and a table of cisgender girls, who “loved” my outfit.

At 8 PM, I exited to avoid driving in the dark. 

It was fun to get out again and I plan to do so more often.

Source: Rue La La
Wearing Soleiluna

Transvestite Independence Club (TVIC)
Members of Transvestite Independence Club (TVIC) circa 1977


  1. Outstanding! I know I was delighted to be able to meet up with some friends a few weeks ago, too!

  2. The creative cocktail hour, sounds like a wonderful idea, it sounds so exciting to meet old friends and also to make connections with supporting and like-minded people, your outfit was beautiful such a great fashion sense seize the day Stana

  3. Nothing better. And - true confession time - it took 4 viewings of this article for me to make the "Thor's Day - Thursday" connection! Maybe because I usually read these first thing in the morning along with my first cup of coffee. (lol)

  4. I absolutely love your dress and how it looks on you. Darn, if I had only a fraction of your fashion sense I would be happy! Do you give lessons?

  5. Your getting out means your wife is doing better and that you feel good enough about her to have Stana go out. That's a huge step in the right direction. I'm happy for both of you.