Wednesday, August 24, 2022

Perfect Storm/Store

My favorite clothing store (Roz & Ali nee Dress Barn) went out of business in 2019. The pandemic arrived about the same time the last Dress Barn store shuttered its doors. It was a perfect storm. 

I dared not venture out to the malls amid the pandemic to find a new favorite clothing store. So I was back where I started from – shopping remotely, online rather than mail-order like in my old closeted days.

Venus became my new favorite clothing store. Their styles were attractive as were their prices. My only complaint was that delivery was slow. So spoiled by Amazon Prime, a two week or more wait for a Venus purchase was unbearable. Truth be told, Venus has improved their delivery and my most recent Venus orders arrived in one week.

Daughter bought a dress at Target for my wife for Mother’s Day. It was a Made in China brand called Zesica. My wife liked the dress, so when her birthday approached, I decided to buy her another Zesica dress. But instead of driving cross town to Target, I found Zesica on Amazon and purchased two dresses for her online.

As I wrote here two weeks ago, she was very pleased with my choices. Then she asked me if I had purchased any for myself. I said, “No.” The dresses I bought my wife were very nice – better than I expected, so I visited Amazon and ordered two dresses for myself. 

Before I placed the order, I tried on one of the dresses I gifted my wife to get an idea what size to order for myself. Her medium-sized Zesica fit me, but was too tight, so I figured XL would be right for me. 

Near instant gratification, the dresses arrived 36 hours after I placed my order. I immediately tried them on and they were too big. So I revisited Amazon, ordered the same dresses in size Large and started a return for the two XL dresses. (Amazon returns are easy – just drop off your return in a UPS drop box, UPS Store or Kohl’s. I chose Kohl’s because I knew I would be passing right by a Kohl’s after my next medical appointment.) 
Near instant gratification again, the Large-sized dresses arrived soon after placing my new order. They fit perfectly and I wore the leopard print on my girl’s night out on Thursday

Shopping online with Amazon Prime is a good deal especially with their easy returns and their “Prime try before you buy” option. Amazon is my new favorite clothing store! 

You probably know that I am a big fan of Rago shapewear. Their bras and girdles are the only brand of unmentionables I wear these days. And girls who have followed my Rago recommendations are happy and shapely customers. 

The folks at Rago are aware of girls like us who favor their shapewear and as a result, Rago is now offering a 15% sitewide discount to Femulate fans and readers. Just use the stana15 discount code when you shop at the Rago website. How cool is that!

Source: Rue La La
Wearing Rue La La

Selina Powers
Selina Powers, professional femulator, circa 1965


  1. Stana, you have sold me on Rago Shapeware, as you know I recently bought a long line bra and high rise girdle and could not be happier.

    I noticed the Rago website has a section for transgender, we have come a long way and finally are a recognized demographic

    That is wonderful that we here at Femulate Get a discount

  2. your site is fantastic. From a 70 something, 6 foot plus fan. Well done and thank you.

  3. somehow, returning a dress because it is too big never seems to be something you dread....

  4. Stana, the second half of this text is black font on black background so I can't read it.

    1. To help me diagnose the problem, what is the last sentence you can read? (FWIW, it appears normal on all the web browsers I have here.)

    2. It was that way on my iPhone too, but fine on my workstation

    3. Thanks all. Working now.