Wednesday, August 31, 2022

Knee Knews

Stana's Knees
I went to an orthopedic doctor last month regarding my knee problem and he said the options were a cortisone shot, a gel shot or knee replacement surgery. My insurance would not cover the gel shot unless we tried the cortisone shot first, so I chose the cortisone shot because knee replacement surgery would have me laid up for two weeks and since I am Nurse Stana for my wife, I thought we could put off surgery until she gets better.

So the doctor drained the swollen knee, but he did not like the fact that the liquid he drained was cloudy. The liquid went to a lab for analysis and I went home without a cortisone shot.

The lab found nothing wrong, so I revisited the doctor on Monday and a physician’s assistant drained my knee and gave me a cortisone shot.

By the way, I was in semi-girl mode wearing woman’s (no fly) shorts and recently shaved legs. No one cared or even noticed as far as I can tell.

I did not notice much improvement right after the shot, but as the day progressed, my knee felt better and after a good night’s sleep, the improvement was amazing. It felt like 2021 all over again when I was able to go on my daily mile hikes and get up out of a chair with no issues. 

I don't know how long this improvement will last, but right now, I am very happy with the results.

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Wearing Sea

Nancy Ng on the catwalk at Fantasia Fair with Miqqi Gilbert MC’ing the show.
Nancy is a long-time reader of Femulate and Miqqi ran the show at Fantasia Fair for years. (Miqqi is a professor at York University in Toronto, where she is totally out.)


  1. So happy to hear about your knee issues, Stana. I pray the road to recovery (for you AND your wife) is smooth and quick.
    Also - I'd like to femulate Nancy Ng's outfit. Yummy!

  2. The gel shot didn’t work for my wife. She had 3 everyone’s different.

  3. Congrats on the success with cortisone. But "ain't technology grand"? I can easily remember when knee replacement was the most painful surgery someone could have, and it took months to recover. Now you're telling us "two weeks" for recovery. It took me over two months to recover from hip replacement 14+ years ago. Last year my neighbor had both hips -- both! -- and was walking around when he cam home the next day. His doc and PT gave him the thumbs up within 2 weeks. I'm happy for you that technology has made formerly rough surgery so much easier for the patient. And, "Nurse Stana", I wish a full recovery for your wife.

  4. About "semi-girl mode". I think docs are much in tune with the times. For the past 14-15 years I've only worn women's pants -- with the fly on the distaff side -- without any particular notice. At least half the time I wear women's shirts, with the distaff buttons. I've only worn panties this entire century without any comments. If I was going to get a comment I'd guess it would be from my dermatologist who gets a full view of them twice a year -- I wore blue polka dot ones this past July. Not a peep from her. Progress is still slow, but not "glacial" any more.

    1. Mikki, I have had a similar experience with semi-girl mode. Recently I went to the dentist and wore some modest ladies shorts with obvious front left zip closure. And wore my belt accordingly. (might as well had been a neon sign there that read "girls shorts." lol) I routinely keep my legs shaved so they were smooth and white. There is no way that technician didn't notice my shorts and legs. Nothing was said and I came away with clean teeth!

      Stana, I am glad your knees are better!

  5. Glad the cortisone shot worked for you. As mentioned, different folks react differently. I had severe inflammation of my shoulder about 7 years ago, and a cortisone shot cleared the inflammation and things went back to normal. On the other hand, I had some rather quickly progressing problems with one knee and it was clear that arthroscopic surgery was necessary. In and out in a day, back up on my feet without crutches the next day, and wandering around like good as new within a week. No problems with the knee for 14 years now...

  6. Sally StoneAugust 31, 2022

    So glad you knee feels better Stana. Nine years ago, I decided to keep my legs shaved year round, because you know, I might need to wear a dress or a skirt at any time. Anyway, I have always worn shorts in guy mode all through the summer months without anyone ever making a comment, although I really didn't expect any. Leg shaving is a personal hygiene choice regardless of our gender and it really isn't anyone else's business even if they might be curious.

  7. Good luck Stana! Love that Sea dress too.

  8. Christina, I sure wish shorts were more convenient for me, because I love wearing them. I've been clobbered with congenital heart problems for years and now have to wear compression hose to deal with edema. "Regular" compression hose are thick, uncomfortable (especially in hot weather) and expensive. I found early on there are compression nylons that are often 1/3 and sometimes 1/4 the cost of the heavy-duty ones. In fact, I've found that of late sometimes L'eggs Sheer Energy pantyhose work! And, obviously, they look way better. But I'm sure you've already figured out that wearing my compression hose with shorts is like having a neon sign saying "Crossdresser!" hanging around my waist. If people look at my sandals they can see the nylons, but nobody's said anything as of yet. Mikki's adventure continues!

  9. What brand and strength are the compression nylons?

  10. Stana, I don't know where you live, but I highly recommend that if you end up requiring knee replacement surgery, search for a doctor who does the surgery as an outpatient procedure. I had both knees done in 2013 and walked out of the hospital about 4 hours after the procedures. There was very minimal rehab involved and virtually no down time. Best of luck!

  11. I strung out my right knee replacement 4 years doing steroid and synvisc injections. Now I knee a left one and got 3 years out of them this time. Suck right now because the knee weakness I can’t wear heels.