Monday, August 8, 2022

Does Facebook have anti-trans biases?

By Vince Kayser

Our website ( is currently experiencing a problem with Facebook, which begs the question “Does Facebook have anti-trans biases?” We wrote an article on it here:

To summarize that article, we have been experiencing abusive and intrusive reviews by Facebook to the point of harassment. They have banned our pages and our admins for no reason. We also found out that we aren’t the only ones experiencing this. There are also other trans/LGBT sites that have been victims of Facebook.

Your Femulate editor is another person who experienced Facebook’s anti-trans bias. You can read all about it here, but in a nutshell, Facebook banned me from using their service because I used my femme name.

Source: Venus
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Femulating en masse
Femulating en masse


  1. Interesting 🤔....I have been Shadow-Banned on U Tub for over two years, except for channels where I serve as a moderator. Gave up on Facebook and Twitter...deleted both. And was Actually banned and account deleted from Next Door.
    Not for any Trans Activity but for my conservative Views.

    But with WOKEness Abundant, very little surprises me any More.....

    1. Not surprised about about next door.

  2. On listening to the experiences of other trans friends, Facebook's policies on how it treats our community could be better. The above does not surprise me.

  3. One of the reasons I don’t have Facebook🤮

  4. That's quite the gorgeous masse of femulators!