Monday, August 1, 2022

Bras and Girdles

Wearing Rago Styles 2202 and 6201
It’s a woman’s prerogative to change her mind and when it comes to my unmentionables, I am doing my womanly best. I experiment a lot trying different combinations of foundation garments in order to achieve a shapely figure. As a result, my unmentionables du jour often varies.

These days, I wear three unmentionable. A long line bra, a long line girdle and a padded panty.

All my current unmentionables are Rago products.

Rago Style 2202 Long Line “Expandable Cup” Bra, one in white and one in black.

Rago Style 6201 Extra Firm Zippered High Waist Long Leg Shaper

Rago Style 915 High Waist Padded Panty

The long line bra is a size 40B. Its cups are a perfect fit for my breasts. And its long line flattens my tummy and help to shape my waistline.

The long line shaper (I call it a “girdle”) also shapes my waistline and flattens my tummy. It also does a good job of keeping my tucked friends tucked.

I have a flat derriere, so I wear the padded panty over my girdle to unflatten my derriere.

The three unmentionable combo is also very comfortable. In the past (30 pounds ago), I used to say, “My girdle is killing!” just like in the old Playtex ads, but that is no longer the case. My shapewear is doing its job painlessly.

Source: Bebe
Wearing Bebe

Yet another beautiful Femulator
Yet another beautiful Femulator


  1. Ive got to admit that I laughed every time you mentioned the word "unmentionables"!
    Ciao! Elise

  2. How do you use facilities if Shaper only has a slit?

  3. Do you really want to Know?

    With the same type of unmentionables (grandma Minnie's Phrase) a two -to- three foot of the most super soft silk, flesh color so it matches you perfectly, cut into 1 to 1.5 inch strips then sewn and turned as you would spaghetti straps, the at both Ends, made into self tighting loops.
    Next both ends are fitted over the sissy thang, pulled back as a thong tight to the waist.
    It makes opening the slit when you set easy, but most important is pulling everything back into position and keeping it there - needlessly to say the jewel's are retracted....gear up!

    Always could not stand the tape method.
    Each to their own.....

  4. Love my Rago 'unmentionables'! The beautiful lingerie images in the Sear's catalogue started my CD journey.

  5. Love your outfit and hair!

  6. I always wear a Rago 6210, Rago 9071 or a Va Bein 1292 Minus Touch. With the 6210, I always have the Exquisite Form 5107565 Long Line Bra topping off everything with Hanes Silk Reflections Women's Lace Top Thigh High stockings. Plenty of room for boy parts and there is no better feeling. Working on the hair and makeup

  7. My favourite girdle is a RAGO 1297, 19 inch open bottom with 6 suspenders. It's very comfortable, helps give me a "girly" figure and the boning is great for back support.

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