Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Slipping Slip Sales

By Paula Gaikowski

Last century, in the 1980’s, my wife called me in a panic. She had left the house in such a hurry that she forgot to wear a slip under the dress she wore that day! Fortunately, she was able to telephone a friend who brought one of her own to work and saved the day. 

That’s how important a slip was in a woman’s wardrobe at one time. Some of us here at Femulate might remember our mothers or sisters rushing around the house in a slip getting ready for work or church – another layer of femininity that most of us noticed and eventually sought out. One of my most lasting memories is probably Elizabeth Taylor in the 1958 move Cat on a Hot Tin Roof. Secretly, many of us wanted to be her slinking around in that slip.

Slips serve various purposes. 

  • They help a dress or skirt hang properly, especially when static cling might otherwise cause the dress to wrap around the wearer's legs. 
  • They protect the skin from chafing against coarse fabrics such as wool; conversely, if the outer garment is made of fine fabric, a slip protects it from perspiration. 
  • Slips may be worn for warmth, especially if the dress or skirt is lightweight and thin. 
  • In very warm or humid climates, a slip made entirely from cotton may be desired. 
  • Slips are often worn to prevent the see-through of intimate undergarments such as panties or bras. 
  • Slips may also be used to prevent a silhouette of the legs showing through clothing when standing in front of a bright light source.

The decline of the slip coincidentally coincides with the decline of pantyhose. There was a changing of the guard in the mid-90’s. Women became managers and gained control over dress codes and fashion choices in business. Female executives began to realize that there was no compelling reason why she or her colleagues had to spend $50 to $100 a month on pantyhose or wear them when it was hot and humid. 

The same thing happened with slips as women started to define the dress codes in business, the need to spend extra money on a garment that was thought old fashioned and too hot in the summer was tossed aside. Products like Spanx, Shape Slips Slip Shorts, etc. helped smooth out bumps and panty lines and replaced slips. 

I have several slips in my wardrobe: a nude and black half-slip and a beautiful pastel pink with lace trim full slip. They are a delight to wear and add a layer femininity and with it, joy to the process of getting dressed. I welcome the layer of warmth they provide during the cold New England winters. I’ve also joined the modern girls and have a selection of Spanx-like garments that I love.

Slips still have a place in modern women’s wardrobe, although they now are reserved for special occasions. Many women still proclaim the glamour and sexiness of wearing a garment designed to look pretty and feminine.  I couldn’t agree more.

Source: Venus
Wearing Venus

Alistair Sim
Alistair Sim (center) and other femulators in the 1957 British film Blue Murder at St. Trinian's.


  1. I well remember Miss Taylor in her dad, uncle left the 12 hour two dozen women (his baby sister's) Wedding Shower at my grands house, we went to a bar where they fed me Hamburger & fries 🍟 sitting next to a six foot model of the USS United States Ocean Liner.
    Then off to the movies where they watched Liz twice, I had long hair to my shoulders, when I saw her I said to myself "that" is what I want to be when I grow UP! Slip & 👠 Heels combo...Yes !!

    On the way back we stopped at a movie house which ran Cowboy Westerns for 18 hours a day, I was told never to tell that we saw the Slip Show !!! Chuckles.

    In the late 7os, the US Senator came and stayed the weekend with close political friends, my mother and I were invited to a dinner with about 30 persons, mostly family; during the feast, it came up that the person's there told stories about when they first saw Miss Taylor then Warner on the Screen.

    My little story about the slip and my Uncle putting his hands over my eyes for The best Parts brought laughs, but the best was when I said I had kept my promise till that day......

    Now the rest of You know the FULL 🌝 Story !!!

    1. The Full Slip Story verses the Half Slip Story 🌝

  2. You're right, slips are so feminine and pretty. It's a pity women hasve stopped wearing them. I guess we cds and trans girls will just have to fill the gap ;-)

    1. Like we are keeping the pantyhose industry afloat too.
      Angel Amore

    2. Angel - as you probably know, the hosiery industry sadly seems to be a sinking ship:( I have a hard time even finding my everyday hose (L'eggs Sheer Energy) anymore, no less the fancier or patterned hose, so I buy a box almost any time I see them. It looks like I'm prepping for the end of pantyhose days!
      Ciao! Elise

    3. Miss Anon...

      Try the Hanes Brands Online Website, buy straight from the source. A regular offer is buy One bra and get your shipment Free.
      Pantyhose and stay ups and garter hose are available in up to 12 or 24 pair packs.
      They are the maker of Just My Size Brand. And have sold first by catalog back in the 60s to online today, clearence can be super!!
      Hanes () com

  3. Oh Yes! One of the first garments I aquired is a black full slip - beautiful lace trimming, hits me just at the knee, and SOOOO soft and feminine. I adore how sexy it makes me feel. Especially with pantyhose. I guess I am officially an "old lady"! (lol)

    1. Oh yes a slip with pantyhose, there is nothing comparable

  4. Slips disappeared from standard wear in the 1990s mostly because dresses and skirts were sold fully lined -- no need for an extra layer of underwear.

    I miss the all-cotton slips of my youth (I am 63). They served the excellent purpose of being infinitely more washable than one's outer garment.

  5. How wonderful to see a blog post on slips this fine morning! I am a huge slip fan and make it appoint to wear one with my skirts or dresses (even if they are lined). Something about a slip is pure femininity to me. Might be my favorite feminine garment.

    It really is a shame that slips have fallen out of favor these days. Slips paired with pantyhose provide a nice frictionless/smoothness under a skirt that is delightful that just makes the skirt flow right.

    Today some might look at slips and think "old lady" but they are pure classic elegance to me. I will always be a fan!

  6. I remember my mother buzzing around the house in her slip .She always wore one. And I recall a time when see-through blouses were in fashion, Mom wore her frilliest slips under those tops. And when I was young I'd sift through the clothes hamper for her slips and put them on.

    So I cone by my love of slips honestly., I have several of them in different colors and designs. In the winter I never go out dressed without wearing a slip, and if it's really cold I have some two-layer slips! love the look of a slip alone and the way one makes my dresses hang. But the best part is the feel of those silky garments as they brush my legs when I'm walking. It's getting harder to find really gorgeous ones in my plus size, but when I see one I jump right on it!

    As for pantyhose, I have a "compelling excuse". I have issues with edema and I need to wear compression hose every day. I could wear those heavy and very expensive hose from Jobst and other companies -- or I could wear compression nylons at a lower price. You don't need to guess! Today I'm wearing pantyhose. Yesterday I wore knee-highs with open toes with my sandals. I have thigh-highs with or without closed toes. Yesterday's knee-highs had been on sale at an Amazon seller and I bought four of them for the cost of one pair of Jobst heavy-duty ones. But my pantyhose are the best! The top-to-bottom compression feels great and it manages my edema. When I (reluctantly) take them off at night, my legs feel relaxed from the all-day support. Pantyhose are the best! I'm a dedicated nylons for life wearer, so don't you dare try to take away my pantyhose!!!

  7. My first foray into women's wear was my mother's white nylon full slip. Amassing slips has become an addiction. I literally have hundreds. As I am posting I am wearing one of my favorites which is a Velrose white full slip with a natural waist length of 34" I also think fondly of Liz Taylor in that white slip.

  8. What I would like to know is what sort of slip do I need to stop summer skirts becoming trousers when I walk. I’m certain there probably used to be a slightly more robust half slip yet not a crinoline. But then I suppose it might negate the whole pleasure of the fluttering mid length skirt. Hmmm.

    1. One thing you might try, I have seen them online are divided petticoats and also in another form (waist high) referred to as pantliners. Mine date back to the 8os early 90s

    2. I have seen them on the web in the last few years, mine date to the 80s & 90s - but they are divided slips and waist length pantliners.
      Some are constructed as was a divided skirt be in bygone days, so a lot of fabric is placed at your crotch and hides it until you walk and the split is displayed.
      They are made of slip materials and lace but usually their is enough fabric between your legs to keep the skirt from becoming truly form draping.

      Secrets in Lace, has had them in the Past couple of years. If nothing else their collections bring back past years with many 😁 smiles

  9. MB - "..pantyhose are the best! The top-to-bottom compression feels great and it manages my edema." What Brand pantyhose?

    1. Love all the wonderful slips and pantyhose conversations. Me too!! I have 2 pure silk full slips that are pure delight!! And my favorite compression pantyhose are DKNY with top to bottom compression and last forever. The problem of supply is because our cis girls don't wear skirts and dresses, too many choose pants 👖. Appreciate the tips on favorite sources that I didn't know. My favorite is her room(.)

  10. I never got into slips. I have several lace slips from VS that I use to sleep in, but that's it. I think camisoles have taken the place of slips and are used more as a outer garment all by themselves. I have and wear over a dozen camis.

  11. Angela

    In the 1960s, I was always with my grandmother shopping as she provided child care, dragged from women's dress shop to the Corsetmakers (the unmentionables shop) were still then Called, and dozens of shoe and hat shops, they had slips in all weights, back then. She loved to find the deals and loved to haggle the shop owners.
    But I have still seen for sale Today a double panel front slip made to keep see thru and the front tummy diamonds of girdles from showing.(printing).
    That would help a light skirt from draping.
    But Grandma Minnie taught me a trick that could be used with today's petticoats....take monofilament fishing line, run it in the hem fold like it was a cord in sweatpants. You can sew as many circuits as needed, even making a spaghetti like strap which can be sewn around the midpoint of the half slip to provide fullness.

  12. Wearing a full slip does not make me feel any more feminine than I already am
    It is warm and so comfortable that after a few minutes I forget it is there

  13. PAULA


    1. One place to start:

      HerRoom ()com
      And click on brands...
      An amazing list will Open to the Magic Mirror of currently available Unmentionables!!!!

      Hanes()com......mentioned above.

      Orchard Corset () com
      Has in the Past had some good Offerings, but with Today's circumstances...who Knows.

      Also taking a half slip that is or you sew into a pencil skirt (just shorter than the outer skirt), with a walking slit positioned in the back will help to keep the skirt from looking like pants.

      Another Source is Shapeu*123, on eBay. I have used her service since it was email newsletter only in the mid Ninities. She has purchased the back excess stock of shops for years.
      You can find things you would never find otherwise.

  14. I don't agree that the main reason is that women started to define dress codes in the '90's as the reason for the demise of slips and pantyhose. Men still ran the show then and a relaxing of the definition of "business dress" was entering into the fray. First with "casual Friday" and them followed by all casual. Goodbye to suits and ties for men. The women jumped on the bandwagon with kissing goodbye skirts, dresses, pantyhose, heels etc. Polo shirts and khaki's became the gender neutral uniform for all. It has de-evolved today into almost anything is acceptable including jeans, jeggings, flip-flops etc.
    Angel Amore

  15. Sadly this is so true. The nylon lacy slip is my favorite lingerie item. I own a dozen full lacy slips and nearly 30 half slips all with lots of lace. But, Shadowline who had some very sexy lacy slips stopped selling my favorite and their slips have very little lace. Likewise, Ilusions had the plus size lacy slip that I really love to wear. I just bought two more at a BOGO sale and had hoped to buy the other color it offered. But, now they too do not offer this slip. I am startng to look on Etsy and ebay for slips, but would love to know of other places to find nylon lacy full slips and half slips. I cannot understand why such a sexy, silky garment is not worn as much today. I still love them and will always love wearing my silky, lacy slips.

  16. Isn't it so WONDERFUL that as more and more malettes are required to dress properly in ladylike attire such as SLIPS -- it shall signify at last the TOTAL FALL of the the past 's FALSE patriarchy!