Wednesday, June 17, 2020

New Nails

My May 7th post discussed the press-on fingernails that are available these days.

I wrote, “They are very attractive and I decided to take a flyer on one of the less expensive brands (H&M). I will review them here when I have an opportunity to wear them.”

Due to the pandemic, the delivery of the nails was incredibly slow and over a month passed between ordering the nails and their delivery. Not a big deal because I was not going out anywhere to wear them. Anyway, they finally arrived last week.

What follows is not a full review because I have not had an opportunity to wear them out. But as with other fake nails, I was concerned about the width of the fake thumbnail, which is my and probably your widest fingernail.

The thumbnail of the Kiss pre-glued press-on nails that I have been using like forever is about 9/16ths of an inch wide, which matches my natural thumbnails perfectly. The width of the H&M thumbnail is about a 1/2-inch – 1/16th of an inch narrower than the Kiss thumbnail.

Not a big difference – they will probably work OK, but I will let you know when I actually wear them out. (I can’t wait!)

(The photo above are the H&M nails in the silver gray color I ordered.)

Source: Ollalaa
Wearing Ollalaa

Matt Bomer
Matt Bomer femulates in the 2017 film Anything.
You can view the film’s trailer on YouTube.


  1. Thanks for the heads up on ANYTHING. Interesting that the first time I saw John Carroll Lynch was on the Drew Carey Show where he played Drew's cross dressing brother.
    Can't wait for the review on the nails. My biggest problem is the thumb nails as well.

  2. You should definitely try Static Nails! I have been using Kiss and Nailene mostly, but colors and the fact that it definitely doesn't leave residue is fantastic!
    I am now on my third set and keep being a happy user