Thursday, June 18, 2020

Father’s Day Plans Trumped

Outfit I planned to wear for Father’s Day
Usually, my wife, daughter, sister and I go to a restaurant to celebrate Father’s Day. This year, I wanted to do something different – I wanted to go to the restaurant en femme.

When I concocted that plan three weeks ago, it looked doable because restaurants (and most everything else) would be reopening in Connecticut on June 17, four days before Father’s Day. But July 17 has come and gone and my family is not ready to dine in a restaurant yet.

Their hesitance has nothing to do with how I planned to dress. Rather, they are worried about how safe it would be to dine in a restaurant under the dark cloud of coronavirus especially when three of the diners are well over 65 years in age.

I would love to dine en femme with my loved ones, but I understand their discomfort. So we will order Chinese take-out and just like so many other thwarted plans, wait ’til next year.

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  1. AnonymousJune 18, 2020

    Wife and I have similar concerns. We are both age 66, and we have various medical issues, which could perhaps contribute to our untimely demise if we were exposed to the virus.
    Given the usual of low competence level and high turnover of "Fast Food Management Staff (Staph?) and Skills", we have decided to NOT order so much as carryout; much less actually dining in a restaurant.
    We carry a small cooler and snacks if we have to travel any distance.
    Call me paranoid, but so far, we are still not affected by the virus.
    Given all the reports of COVID-19 various meat packing plants, I WASH THE OUTSIDE OF THE MEAT PACKAGES, before storage and also retain any labels until after the incubation period (after consumption) lapses, for each particular package.
    Perhaps you should read the Fortune Cookies BEFORE the meal.....
    Stay healthy, Stana
    You are a cultural treasure.

  2. AnonymousJune 18, 2020


    Yes that outfit would be the killer look and I am sure all the other Dads in the restaurant would be sneeking looks towards you


  3. Here in WA it's the same -- Julie hasn't been out of the house since early March and I'm going stir crazy. I am thrilled that your family was open to dining out with Stana. My SO has gone out with me 3 times in 23 years.

  4. LOVE that outfit especially the heels. Sounds like many of us will be celebrating Father's Day quietly at home. With me being 67 and my wife of 60, each of us cannot afford (due to medical reasons) to possibly become exposed. Besides, who can eat anything wearing a mask (giggle). This bump in the road hasn't just prevented us to celebrate Father's Day but we had to cancel our plans for our 42 anniversary. I hope that this will finally be over soon so life can return to somewhat of a normalcy.
    Stay healthy and safe, Stana
    Michelle Hart

  5. If it's a nice day, why not find a picnic spot to have your carry-out? Stana, I've seen photos of you wearing a really cute romper which, while not nearly as striking as the beautiful outfit in the photo, still shows off your fabulous legs. While not nearly as elegant, it still gets Stana out of the house for your special day.

    Also, I like Velma's idea about checking out the fortune cookie first. Ha!

  6. Beautiful dress, Stana, and I love the heels. Many events and potential times for dressing up have been postponed or canceled this year. I am resigned to living vicariously through others who still can dress during this time.