Monday, June 29, 2020

Wig Out Without

As a novice femulator, I always wore a wig cap under my wig. Not sure why. Other wig wearers wore wig caps, so I assumed they knew what they were doing and I just followed their lead. I thought that maybe it helped hide your real hair (if you had any), but I was never sure.

Large cap size head that I have, most wig caps were too tight and left red welts on my forehead. Occasionally, a tight wig cap would give me a headache, too.

Also, wig caps were hot. They essentially added an extra layer underneath the wig and caused sweating especially in the warmer weather. Sweat running down loads of makeup did not make for a pretty picture.

The last straw was when a tight wig cap worked its way off my head and ended up all balled-up under my wig!

After that, I swore off wig caps. No more wig cap welts, headaches and sweat. And my wigs did not notice the difference – they stayed in place and did not stray from my head.

There are some benefits to wearing a wig cap. You can read about them here, but they do not apply to me and I will remain wig capless ’til the day I dye.

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Wearing Balmain

Phillipe Blond
Phillipe Blond


  1. As another Large Headed Lady, I agree with you. I have not worn a wig cap in years - after suffering all the trials you so eloquently described. Welts and headaches are no fun, and I recall one coffee date where I had to visit the Ladies Room in order to remove the cap that had worked it's way off my head under my hair! When your natural hair line is on the back of your head, there's really no reason to wear one.

  2. Fortunately for my big head I was told by a drag queen to avoid wig caps unless I was working in a drag show. The cap was required for smooth changing of wigs during the show, but that was all. This queen was also a TG who mostly presented as female in her real life. She told me wig caps were hotter than hell -- even in the winter!

  3. AnonymousJune 29, 2020

    Given the Corona virus shut down, My wife had no way of getting a haircut, and given the rapid rate of her hair growth things were rapidly getting out of control.
    She had about 10 weeks of huge hair growth which was in itself becoming quite hot. So one day in late April, I suggested she peruse the latest Paula Young catalog (which comes addressed to ME!) and choose a wig.
    There is NO WAY a wig would have fit over her huge head of hair, so I suggested that I give here a close 'buzz cut' the next time I do same to my own seriously depleted (pattern baldness) crop of hair.
    Even with the virus shutdown, the wigs (Hey, I bought one for myself too!) were delivered in a timely manner.
    When the big 'buzz cut' day arrived, my wife became quite nervous, but I assured her things would come out OK. I made a first pass with a 3/8" guard over the cutter, and finished with a 1/4" guard. The result was an unhappy wife when she looked in the mirror. Actually, the grey buzz cut looked quite cute, but there was no convincing her, as we all get used to what and who we see in the mirror.
    Now came the new wig-- a bright blonde pixie cut wig, which was reminiscent of her younger, natural hair color. We did not bother with the wig cap, because a close buzz cut acts like Velcro, and locks the wig to the scalp.
    I unboxed the wig and 'shook it out' as recommended and aligned the wig tabs on the sides of the wig relative to her ears. I brushed out the wig with a round brush that offers a nice curve and curl when the brush is given a twist of the wrist. The result was HAPPY WIFE! (WHEW!)
    Now, whenever we go out, which is quite limited, due to the virus paranoia, the wig goes on. If not the wig, she wears a pink baseball cap with a "John Deere" logo stenciled on the front. As for the buzz cut, my wife now 'owns it'
    Wife is happy. I am happy.

  4. My head is medium and my hair is longer than the average so for me the wig cap stops things shifting over the course of the day. A monofilament top wig also helps with ventilation during the warm months.