Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Not THAT Passable

Source: Venus
Wearing Venus

Elijah Wood
Elijah Wood (film actor, not the drummer) femulating on British television’s Friday Night Project


  1. Lovely cartoon. Who wouldn't want a Gynaecological examination. I have a TG friend, somewhat younger than me whom I persuaded (without any difficulty) to "do" maternity. A nice baby bump (7 months?) plus maternity dresses. We did shopping and galleries together She loved it and said that it really gave a new depth to life as a woman (most of her social life and probably now 50% of her work life) Unfortunately, though I have pictures, I would break trust by showing one. Pity a

  2. Well, leave it to the internet explorer to have found someone to sort of match Lilly's story about her "pregnant" friend. Take a look at Natsumi Umino. She's been pregnant for years.

  3. I had entered into a discussion with a cis girl friend of mine about the trials and tribulations of pregnancy a while ago. The up shot of it - I spent a day 7 months pregnant. Yes, I gained some insights into the difficulties she experienced. Not being able to sit just anywhere/anytime, and going to the loo was an ordeal!