Monday, June 15, 2020

Not Convincing

Source: Madeleine
Wearing Madeleine

Marc Haller
Marc Haller dressed pretty in the 2013 German short film Crossdressing.
You can view the film on Vimeo.


  1. Sally StoneJune 15, 2020

    The suit the Madeline model is wearing epitomizes all the reasons I love female business attire. Feminine, smart, always fashionable, and appropriate for almost any occasion, this type of outfit works well on so many levels.

    1. Sally - I couldn't have said it better myself.

  2. AnonymousJune 15, 2020

    OTOH, I am crazy 'bout the lady in the tuxedo. I love my ladies black "tuxedo suit".

  3. How did that cartoonist manage to watch me dress shopping?? But you know, Mikki is strong enough to persist. I used to try to be "invisible" but it wasn't satisfying or realistic. So I decided to take a "What the Hell" attitude and wear what I want and walk around "like I own the place". And when I did that Mikki discovered her confidence. I still pick my spots when I go out on my block to avoid a potential zillion questions from the kids in the neighborhood, but all their parents have seen Mikki. And, no, this isn't a paid commercial to get people to watch Stana's Zoom meeting. Ha!

    Here's something I actually did: While trying on clothes at a Catherine's pre-CORONA this past January -- checking out post-holiday sales -- I put on a pretty bright dress, very bright, actually. I laughed at my image. Then I walked out into the store and asked the salesperson (She knows me as a regular customer) "Does this make me look like a crossdresser or a Drag Queen"? We both had a good laugh -- and I didn't buy the dress.