Thursday, June 4, 2020

Not a Civilian Redux

In the previous post, my “Not a Civilian?” run through the alphabet concluded with the letter W. Letters Q, X, Y and Z were no-shows because there are not many schools with names that start with those letters. As a result, the pickins were slim and no one qualified as not a civilian.

Perusing the 4,745 school yearbook images collected by Starla, I discovered a few things.

– A number of schools held Halloween dances where all the attendees showed up crossdressed.

– Starla’s images included 37 male faculty members crossdressed for Halloween. About half looked like “men in dresses,” but the other half put in some extra effort, which tripped my not-a-civilian radar. Photo captions indicated that a handful crossdressed on other Halloweens, which lit up my not-a-civilian radar like a Christmas tree!

It was not an easy task selecting each “Not a Civilian?” difficult that on a few occasions, I could not select just one non-civilian. In those cases, I posted multiple non-civilians. So rather than stop cold turkey with the letter W, over the next few weeks, I will post more images of those who were close to being selected “Not a Civilian?” during the first run through the alphabet.

Only 148 days until Halloween!

Source: Madeleine
Wearing Madeleine

Mr. (or is it Ms.) Phillips is on the faculty at Wasson High School

Terry Noel
Terry Noel, professional femulator, circa 1960


  1. If you look through the Yearbook pics you'll find several dups, some with and without the caption and some shown twice with different year dates. I pruned out the dups and ended up with 4,407.

  2. Thanks for the Not A Civilian features. It brings back mixed memories for me - as I'm sure it has for many other girls.
    In my High School days I got up the courage to venture out in a dress only twice. One Halloween (of course) which was wonderful. Then the second time was prompted by that outing, just a month or so later. A friend had heard about my costume but didn't see it. She and I had birthdays in November, so we planned a joint party with a costume theme. She and I played Host and Hostess - in that order. Another wonderful evening in dress, hose and heels! My biggest regret is I have no photos from either event. ~~sigh~~

  3. I certainly wouldn't mind if "Not a Civilian" became a permanent party of the Femulate blog!

    Today's photo has a teacher joining in the fun, and Ms. Phillips sure doesn't look like she's dressing for the first time! Good find, Stana!

    While we're on photos, I was fortunate enough to have seen Terry Noel perform at Club 82. Nice to have those memories, even though the aches and pains of being nearly 79 makes me envious of all you younger ladies. Take care out there!

  4. AnonymousJune 06, 2020

    Ms. Phillips has done this many times before and just "nailed" it

    Our high school never had these shows and I would have loved to give it a go if my glasses didnt get in the way

    I was pretty good in 4 inch heels with lots of practice

    I guess if you were not old enough to drive , your mom brought you

    I remember one of my friends mom used to hand wash her stockings and hang them up in the basement so the odd pair would disapear. This was pre internet so where was a young man supposed to go for stuff to wear when you didnt have a sister?

    I was afraid to venture out as I never had proper make up training or a really good wig. The halloween ones were rubbish